Work With Me

My name is Rashi and I’m a fashion blogger and content creator based in India. Combining my style and expertise with all the latest global trends, I create authentic and relatable content with my sharp eye for aesthetic details. You can read more about me.

Services I can offer

Collaboration: (negotiable)

Blog post feature, Instagram content

  • Blog: Featured in fashion guides, outfit ideas, styling posts as main products used and recommended
  • Instagram: Photo posts, Stories, Reels
  • Pinterest: Series of Fresh Pins linking to website/products, story pins


Sponsored blog posts, video content, social media content.

  • Blog: Fashion guides, outfit ideas, styling posts
  • Instagram: Photo posts, Stories, Highlights, Videos, Reels
  • Pinterest: Series of Fresh Pins/video pins linking to website and tagged products, story pins

Social Media Management: (depending on niche)

Socials I can work with: Instagram, Pinterest

What I can do for your brand (other than the main tasks)-

  • Working with influencers and creators best suitable for the brand
  • Ensuring the best visual representation of your brand
  • Transforming your products & services into SEO optimized content
  • Keeping track of the latest trends, competitors, and industry
  • Maintain and nurture a personal relationship with the brand’s target

For further information or request for a media kit, reach out at [email protected]