Style a classic staple like a black blazer over a red dress in 2020.

Why you need a blazer right now

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A few days back, I noticed that a large percent of clothing in my wardrobe is either remarkably versatile or classic wardrobe staples. Not only are they easier to style but they also have a penchant for looking effortlessly chic. One of the pieces that I style the most is the black blazer that came with cigarette pants as a suit.

If you know me on Instagram, you’d know I’m (very) close to simping for it.

A blazer is the perfect styling piece that can be worn anywhere and styled with almost absolutely anything. Hands down.

A fashion tweet about how a clothing piece can make a woman feel very confident and successful.

Can you style a blazer for a casual outing?


A good pair of jeans is all you need to dress down the professionalism of a blazer. Styling a blazer with jeans is also way easier than you’d think!

Tip: Since you’re new, go with dark jeans with a dark blazer and light jeans with a light blazer.


That slight chill in the weather can’t make you kneel to ugly sweaters. Just wear your favorite hoodie with good jeans and layer a blazer over it. You can also pair sneakers with the outfit for a more casual approach.

Tip: In order to elevate the look, opt for a neutral color hoodie or a pinstripe blazer.


Nope, you don’t have to trade your personality for professionalism every time you wear a blazer. Get that band t-shirt or that comfy oversized one to wear underneath the blazer.

Can you wear it on dates? (Or virtual one’s)

A guide on how to style a black blazer for a date night. Styling a blazer with a dress.

It doesn’t always have to be only blouses, dresses and skirts. A sleek blazer is the best way to tell the other person that you have your shit together (even if you spent last night binging Netflix series and ignoring work)

You can just dress for a date like you usually do and then add more chicness by layering a blazer. To make the outfit less professional and more fun, you can mix prints, opt for bold colors or go with sheer!

How to style a classic staple like a black blazer over a dress in 2020.

Can you style a blazer in a street style way?

In order to style a blazer like a street style star, go for a modern outfit.

You can get all the inspiration you need from the fashion weeks. Go on a fashion hunt for the best trends -cycling shorts, flashy neon, chunky sneakers -absolutely anything that piques your interest!

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Now that you know, you desperately need a blazer right now, how do you feel about a suit?

Why a suit is the classic staple you need right now.

If the fact that this two-piece clothing set is bound to give you a boost of confidence not selling, they can be styled very well separately.

Here’s all you need to know to style your first suit!

Styling a suit with a black blazer in 2020 as workwear wardrobe staples

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