Trendy fall outfits you need to try in 2021

Last Updated on 25/05/2022 by Rashi

With fall almost here and transition and early fall outfits filling up socials, I thought it would be better to share some trendy outfits than just a list of 2021 trends like I usually do.

14 ways to style trendy fall outfits to try in 2021

Mix n match neutrals

Pairing up two or more neutral and trendy pieces together in outfits is the key to achieve the peak ‘fall vibe’ in 2021.

And honestly, I don’t think this one needs any guidance or examples. Not only because they are easy to style but also because neutral shades always look good together!. All you need to do is pick your favorite pieces and style them all together in an outfit.

Cardigans as tops

These cozy outerwear pieces can be worn with almost everything as well as be worn as a top! Tuck an oversized one into a cute skirt, or pair a cropped skin-fit one with high-waisted jeans. A ribbed cardigan can also be worn over a button-up for a cute date outfit inspired by the gossip girl series.

Academia aesthetic

Academia aesthetics basically romanticize reading, writing, and learning with a heavy emphasis on classic literature, music, history, and arts. It is known for its special taste in preppy and classic fashion. Some of the most famous subcultures under Academia aesthetic are- Light Academia aesthetic, Romantic academia, and Dark Academia aesthetic.

Crops for fall?

Cropped jackets, blouses, sweaters, and tops are THE trendy silhouette for fall.

While these, midriff-baring pieces were taking over Instagram summer feeds in the form of crop polos and baby tees, fall ones would be a bit posher. From polished pants and skirt suits to menswear-inspired androgynous pieces.

pastel party

Though pastel trends give off ultimate spring/summer vibes, pastel is one of the biggest trends of 2021. No one can make pastel outfits in pastel style cannot stay away from Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. Especially not when colors are officially IN for A/W 2021.

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monochrome outfits

You can create a monochrome outfit by styling pieces in the same color or in different shades and tints. Begin by selecting a color for your main piece of clothing, and then select other items from the same color family.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can throw in a neon piece as well. Monochrome outfits also don’t have to be all solids – get creative with your prints!

Knit Pieces

Here comes the IT pieces of this year. Knit pieces are so versatile, you can dress it up with a pair of heels and a structured blazer, or wear it casually with cute slides and a layering piece like an oversized shacket or a trench coat.

sweater vests

Through sources (read- Instagram feeds), we already know that this grandpa-inspired trendy piece is already inspiring fall outfits in 2021. And if you haven’t yet adopted this one, consider it your sign.

crop blazers vs oversized blazers

Fall 2021 is crop-crazy but also refuses to let go of relaxed and oversized trendy outfits. So who wins?


It all depends on your style really. You can dress a cropped blazer if you prefer to keep your looks gossip girl-friendly. You can style one with slouchy slacks and a turtleneck. Or you can style a relaxed blazer layered over crops for classic fall street style.

splash of colors

Fire Whirl (a strong red hue), Fuchsia Fedora (a passionate hot pink), and Mykonos Blue, (a bright blue color inspired by the Aegean Sea), are among Pantone’s recent fall 2021 forecasts.

Ykw that means… bright colored outfits are in and trendy for fall 2021.


No matter how many times we stray away from black, all-black hasn’t left and never will.

For a pop of color, pair black pieces together and then an accessory or clothing of a different and contrasting color. I’d recommend bold print or brighter hues to inject some ‘2021 feels’ to the outfit.

leather pieces

Fall street style is a play zone for leather pieces -classic trenches, pants, and jackets to trendy shackets, blouses, sets, and dresses. They are effortlessly stylish if you know how to style your leather pieces.

bold prints

While we are breaking away from monotone outfits, what other way to include vibrancy in the closet than bold prints?

Here are the top prints of the season-

  • cheetah print
  • tiger & zebra print
  • plaid
  • art deco- Vivid geos and stark colors that equate to opulence and luxury
  • rich florals- darker ground florals and moody prints
  • checkerboard print

Oversized denim

In the previous year, the best word to describe fashion was comfortable. For the fall of 2021, we are continuing the same road for trendy outfits. Except I think it’s time to include smth more than just sweats.

With denim being the classic fall piece, I guess we can start from here.