Popular TikTok Aesthetics and Outfits Based On these trends

Last Updated on 06/09/2022 by Rashi

TikTok fashion right now is a diverse mixture of all sorts of styles and outfits inspired by many aesthetics. And though we probably started with the popularity of dark academia and cottagecore, there are more than 100 different aesthetics and sub-aesthetics.

Basically, anything that is within romanticizing grounds by Gen z can become aesthetic. Keeping track of these aesthetics, even as a Gen z such as me sounds… yeah.. no.

But I CAN sum up 10 of the ‘more’ popular aesthetics and outfits inspired by them!

1. Academia TikTok Aesthetics

Under the “academic aesthetic”, academic life, art, culture, music, and history are romanticized. Through activities as well as outfits.

The two most popular sub-aesthetics under this TikTok trend are Light Academia and Dark Academia.

Light Academia

As the name suggests Light Academia is the ‘lighter’ version of Dark Academia. When it comes to Light Academia aesthetic outfits in 2022, it usually includes similarly styled outfits and pieces in lighter shades. Such as white, tan, cream, gold, and soft pastel colors.

light academia outfit idea inspired from tiktok aesthetics with a white turtleneck paired against beige shirt styled with blue denim jeans

Dark Academia

Dark Academia aesthetic includes preppy and polished pieces. For example, those often incorporated in private school uniforms -blazers, turtlenecks, collared blouses, cardigans, button-ups, pleated or plaid skirts, tights, sweater vests, oxford shoes, Mary janes, etc. In addition, it receives some modern influences like infamous shoulder bags and mules.

2. Royal core

Feels pretty similar to cottagecore right? That’s cause they are both very girlie with vintage aesthetics and overlapping TikTok micro fashion trends. However, the royal core is a lot more glamorous, luxurious, and lavish than the cottage core. It includes silk, velvet, and taffeta, as well as shiny colors and fabrics, that were reserved for royalty or mimic fabrics of those.

Recently royal core reached peak popularity owing to Bridgerton (Regency-era historical drama) season 2 took over the internet.

3. Soft Girl Aesthetics flooding spring TikTok

This TikTok aesthetic is particularly full of outfits, clothes, accessories, and patterns that are considered ‘feminine’, with pastel, hearts, butterflies, pink blush, and cardigans. In addition, Pastels (seafoam green, powder blue, pale peach, butter yellow, …) are considered best-suited for Soft Girls Outfits.

4. Cottagecore

Cottagecore fashion is inspired by the urge to leave the city and go live in a cottage in the woods.

This is why it consists mostly of flowing, loose-fitting dresses and skirts, especially with puffed sleeves. Knitted cardigans, Peter Pan collars, loose linen slacks, pastel pieces and overalls are other important elements for a cottagecore aesthetic outfit. The color palette is usually neutrals (whites, browns, and greens), though it accepts pastels as well. It included the prints you would see on fairytale characters -florals, paisley, stripes, and gingham in particular.

5. Coquette

The word Coquette means “a flirty woman,” and so the aesthetic is defined by all things feminine, elegant, and dreamy -often full of pastel pink.

Coquette aesthetics includes the most flirty and vintage pieces from wardrobes such as lace blouses, corsets, miniskirts to chunky heels, pearl jewelry, and mesh stockings and unconventional knits and clothes popularized by tiktok. Coquette style is lot like whimsical mixture of soft girl core and cottagecore with a pastel and candy-colored color palette, frills, knits, and lacework but with more dainty approach.

7. egirl (one of OG tikTok aesthetics)

Egirl is probably the most famous aesthetic out here. Honestly, it’s more of a vibe than a style. Edgy and grunge vibe meets the age of electronic.

Most popular pieces you can incorporate within your outfit from this aesthetic would be black striped long-sleeve shirts, giant band shirts, black mini skirts (especially pleated), button-ups, body harnesses, stockings, silver jewelry, oversized sweatshirts, and hoodies.

6. Fairy core

Imagine one of those miniature winged creatures from fairytales living in 2022.

That’s what fairy core is all about in brief. Think of whimsically lovely and grunge -at the same time picture pastel colors that remind you of springtime, or earthy colors that remind you of forests or a warm cottage in the woods.

Ok, less imagination and more info: Sheer fabrics, puffy dresses, and gingham designs, maxi dresses and skirts, vintage corsets, subversive style sweaters (despite the vintage vibes, yes), beaded jewelry, mushroom accessories, slip dresses, and lots of lace.

8. Glam girl

It is a popular TikTok trend particularly associated with wealth, high social status, beauty, and luxury aesthetics. Glam girl, since it includes changing fashion, fancy attire, and shiny pieces, is a lot similar to the new money aesthetic.

Glam girl aesthetic also has a popular subculture: soft glam.


  • Silk/Satin slip dresses and skirts
  • Fur detailed pieces and fur coat
  • Glitter, Rhinestones embellishments
  • Evening gowns
  • expensive-looking boots
  • platform high heels


  • Jewelry
  • Tiaras
  • Cat-eye sunglasses
  • Hoop earrings
  • Chokers
  • Handbags & purses

9. Y2K

Pretty sure you know much about the popular Y2K fashion wave on tiktok we are experiencing so we will keep it short.

It is quite futuristic with despite it’s slightly retro edge – think metallics, chunky sneakers, pleated skirts, halter necks, baguette bags, wide-leg jeans, baby tees, tracksuits, and tinted sunnies for a cute y2k outfit. Feel free to take inspiration from some of this era’s biggest influences such as Carrie Bradshaw, Bratz Dolls, and films like The Matrix and Mean Girls.

Y2K halter neck crop top styled with black pants and sunnies tiktok aesthetics inspired look

10. Clean Girl, youngest of TikTok aesthetics

Out of all the above TikTok aesthetics, clean girl or THAT girl aesthetic is the youngest. Born with the desire to have our life together and likewise look the part too, clean girl focuses on minimalist trends and model-off-duty athleisure style. Thus, the ‘clean’ silhouette and minimal aesthetic outfit.

‘Clean girl’ is generally characterized by slick-back buns/ponytails, simple and often layered gold jewelry, sweatsuits, trendy athleisure pieces, claw clips, chunky sneakers, and glowy effortless makeup. The point, in short is to aim for the effortless cool girl energy.