The subtle art of looking put together

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I’m not a morning person. I get late every time no matter what. My fingers allow everything to slip away. I stumble casually into random things and people. I change into five outfits at a time for a single outing, then changes back to the first one because the fifth one only looked good in my head. All in all, I’m a walking disaster with organised stuff. (Doesn’t sit well. I know)

And if I can manage to look like I made an effort in looking presentable, so can you.


  • Dress code rule

    Do you really expect to look put together if you wear polo shirts to a birthday party? Or a jazzy dress to an office meeting? For the sake of the unspoken dress code rule, never do any of those. Analyse the occasion and then your closet before jumping off to your favourite clothing piece. Even then, if you can’t figure out what to wear, just go through some blog posts! There are plenty of fashion bloggers all around the world that is there to help you out!

  • Right accessories

Accessories do not just complement an outfit, It can make or break an outfit! Accessories and clothes both have equal significance in an outfit. Just like clothes, accessories are also classified as per the occasion.

“The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah and totally to die for.” ~ Michael Kors

  • Add structure


    Do you know what makes an outfit worth looking twice? Structural style. If you find it hard to look put together, stay away from slouchy bags, puffy jackets-just any clothing piece that doesn’t have a proper structure. Instead, opt for tailored pieces that fit well to look polished.
    To class up a bland outfit, go for a belt or tuck in your shirt. Cuffing your pants or shirt will also add more structure to the outfit.
  • Three-piece rule

    This one is very simple but really effective. According to me, an outfit seems incomplete with just a t-shirt and pants. If you wanna look like someone that knows what they are doing, you should add in a third piece over the originally thought outfit. This is entirely up to you. It could be a sweater, a jacket, statement jewellery or a hat- just whatever that can add a touch to you.

  • Personal Prepping

    What’s the point of dressing your best if your skin and hair have seen better days? Treating chipped nails and avoiding cracked skin is not high maintenance. Putting on sunscreen doesn’t require much time. Giving your body the proper care is much more important than you think for looking put together as well as feeling put together.

I know it might seem overwhelming how some people can make a bland t-shirt and jeans appear brilliantly refined and trust me, I used to feel the same as you do! Just put in the effort and follow these rules, I am certain that you will love yourself for it!

 Those were my five rules to looking put together every time no matter where I am headed!
If you have some tips in looking polished of your own share them in the comments!


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