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street-style fashion from these 4 popular cities

Last Updated on 16/11/2021 by Rashi

Do you remember Chinese street-style videos blowing up on TikTok (especially the fashion side)? And then another trend rising in which fashion creators attempted to mirror these street style videos? I recently found them again while scrolling on Pinterest and decided to join the party late. Also, a little different than the others.

I tried to imitate street style during fashion weeks in four different cities around the world.

Tokyo (based on 2020 A/W fashion week)

From what I’ve observed, Japanese street fashion consists of a stylish mix of bold and modern pieces. Tokyo fashion fans are probably the most experimental when it comes to street fashion. With their clashing prints, lolita dresses, edgy oversized layers, and bold accessories.

A visual guide into Asian fashion shedding light on street style during fashion weeks in Japan (Tokyo)

My style cannot be termed as bold –in fact, it’s quite opposite. This is why I decided to go for a more toned-down version of Tokyo street fashion. I styled an edgy-chic, all-black outfit -a staple streetwear look you’ll see everywhere during Tokyo fashion weeks.

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Japanese street style as a part of fashion blog post.

Shanghai (based on 2020 A/W fashion week)

I think we all caught a glimpse of what street-style looks like in China through viral TikTok videos (Ah the nostalgia of our very first lockdown). With that show-stopping sense of style no doubt fashion enthusiasts in Shanghai autumn/winter fashion week took the street style fashion to the next level. Neutrals, blue, oversized blazers and suits, lots of blacks, and platform boots were common in many of the street fits.

Chinese street style-inspired outfit styled by an Indian fashion blogger and content creator, Rashi.
A visual guide into Asian fashion shedding light on street style during fashion weeks in Shanghai (China)

Sydney (street-style look based on previous fashion weeks)

The fashion capital of Australia blesses us with the chicest street-style looks with the hottest trends of the particular season.

Due to the pandemic, there were no fashion weeks this year in most cities. So I decided to merge this year’s best trends at the moment with street-chic pieces to style an outfit representing Sydney street style.

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A visual guide into Australian fashion shedding light on street style during fashion weeks in Sydney

Seoul (street-style look based on 2019 SS and A/W)

I am sure you must have noticed the Korean wave (Hallyu) in terms of food, entertainment, fashion, etc. The big four (NY, Milan, Paris, and London) might be known as the world’s fashion capitals, but Seoul is becoming a strong contender.

When it comes to Korean street fashion, Seoul does it best with an expert layering of edge and sophistication.

If you wanna give your Instagram feed a touch of the Korean fashion scene, here is what you can start with.

  • All-white looks
  • Matching sets, tracksuits
  • Oversized blazers (especially blazers), sweatshirts, pants
  • Midi dresses/skirts
  • Chunky sneakers
A visual guide into Asian fashion shedding light on street style during fashion weeks in South Korea (Seoul)
Korean street style inspired outfit styled by an Indian fashion blogger.