Spring/summer 2022: 16 trends you need to know

Last Updated on 30/06/2022 by Rashi

With the end of December, spring is a lot closer now. Winter layers are very fun but chilly winds can’t help but make us miss the floral-scented breeze (good luck pollen allergy victims). And with all the spring/summer 2022 runway looks scattered across the internet, it’s valid you’re searching for upcoming trends. Here are the ones you need to stay on top of spring-summer fashion!

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a fashion influencer wearing a lilac dress with black tie dye details and mesh sleeves, one of the most popular and major trends of 2022 spring/summer

1. Mesh

To be honest, sheer mesh never truly went away, it just gets updated season per season. And for the next season, we will see the metal mesh, skin-fit risqué mesh in edgy prints, and contrast to both, romantic mesh ruffles! There’s something for everyone 😉

a style blogger from india wearing a purple and black mesh dress, one of the major 2022 trends for spring/summer
an outfit detail shot of a purple black tie dye dress with mesh sleeves. mesh being one of the biggest 2022 spring/summer trends

2. Cut-Outs

Cut-outs are a major trend this season as seen on the runway, award shows, and 15-sec edits of whoever you stan. And we all see why it’ll continue ruling in 2022. It’s the perfect trend to join in the y2k wave and effortless trend for your hot girl shit. You can count on next year to be filled with asymmetrical necklines, slinky midi dresses, and skin-fit tops with risky cut-outs, and mini skirts with pelvic cut-outs.

You can style them just as you would a basic piece -light layers, monochrome styling, accessorized with stacked jewelry, and with cool denim. Or you can go semi-modest chic with a tailored blazer and pointy mules.

3. Clashing Prints

For spring/summer 2022, bolder trends that are bolder are better. Think of 70s swirls, checkerboard, geometrical prints, and the best tie-dye in bright colors. It’s all about taking inspiration from OG Prada and Gucci and matching different patterns-prints together. From b&w marble print with polka dots to tie-dye in green over creams with multicolor geometric print. You can break it up with a solid color in between to make it look cleaner.

4. XXS hemlines

If ‘barely there’ was one of the popular trends in 2021, spring/summer 2022 will see it raging with the tiniest hemlines. I mean why mini skirts if you can have micro skirts?

I say schoolgirl part neo preppy is a legit aesthetic. Not just plaid dresses and pleated skirts, tiny hemlines also mean, cropped blazers, button-ups, and chopped-up sweatshirts.

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white cotton shirt paired with bra top, major 2022 trends, tie dye print drawstring skirt for a spring summer look

5. Huge tinted sunglasses

An accessory that will undoubtedly reign next season is the classic tinted shades. These sunglasses trend may look a little too extra but they’ll look cool when styled with the right fit. Pair them as a statement accessory with a plain tank and baggy denim to tone it down. And If you want to go all out, match the sunglasses with your clothes for monochrome styling. If you’re not sure about the tint, aqua, green, lavender, orange and lemon will be trendy for a while.

6. Bra as a Crop Top

With hot girl summer taking over closets and internet season after season, it’s a no-brainer that we are keeping cute bras as crop tops again this year. Whether you pair it against high-waisted trousers or low waist denim, outfit combos with a bra top are sure to look iconic. Try a pair of flared or wide-leg pants and a huge-collared crop jacket with chunky sandals for a retro outfit.

7. Sporty vibe but make it streetstyle

Sporty pieces -tennis skirts to polos to track jackets (did a certain green and white one inspired by a kdrama pop into your head?). After a successful run in 2021, sporty pieces will be dominating the next year too. Think sculptural tracksuits, ballooning strapless tops, tennis whites, logo waistbands and prints, and stirrup-inspired pants.

8. Drapes

So you saw everyone obsessing over the “wet” silhouette that clings to the body the way wet clothing does -designed by the draping of fabric on skin-fit dresses; AND the popularity of cowl neck. So I think it isn’t that surprising to see elegant folds returning to the runways with a quirky and modern take on draping inspired by Greeks.

Fun Fashion Fact: Grecian-style wrap “dresses” were the first item of clothing to be invented. These were created using the draping technique.

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9. The new Edgy: subversive

Or as I saw insiders can call it ‘Rave aesthetic’ or ‘Raver style’.

Think of bucket hats, logo nylon jackets, face jewelry, graphic mesh, bomber jackets, sequins, bold prints, cut-outs, and wide legs.

As you can probably tell, these trends are gonna be street-style necessities for spring/summer 2022.

10. Butterfly

This is another obvious one if you are or come across Gen Z often. This 2000’s comeback is confirmed to stay for another year. The playful obsession with the butterfly print, embellishments, jewelry, and accessories is not going away so soon. Better collect or thrift some cute ones!

11. Dopamine dressing

Basically, maximalist and playful outfits with colorful palettes (bright contrasting colors, mellow pastels…) and eye-catching and fun accessories. As the name suggests, it is a feel-good styling trend to boost your mood and carries the idea of wearing what you want.

For a shot of dopamine outfit, try pastel bucket hats, retro jackets with bold prints, bright-colored suits, boldly printed mesh dresses, feather or sequin embellishment, monochrome outfits in a bold color (bubblegum pink, traffic cone orange, purple, pink & green are hit ones for 2022)

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12. Low waist

The low waist trend, which has been gaining traction for a few seasons, now confirms its fashion credentials with its boyish charm. Whether in denim, cargo, or neo-suit styles, the trend is a beautiful way to bring back the golden age of the 1990s.

13.Lace up

Corsets? Boots? Cottage core tops and dresses? Did you not see it coming?

Lacing details are being added to many more fashion pieces to create a new silhouette somewhere between cowgirl 2.0 and the 1990s revival.

14. Pearlcore aesthetic

Pearl embellishments are all the rage, featuring bag straps, vests, jackets, and dresses. Being used like a fabric itself! From makeup to jewelry to outfits to accessories, 2022 -and not just spring/summer gonna see a heck of a ton of pearl trends. This one hugely inspired by the old money aesthetic!

15. Minimalist monochromes

an all white soft girl aesthetic inspired look with puff sleeved top, wide leg pants and white bag- one of major 2022 trends for spring summer

2022 looks more on the vibrant and bold side but there’s enough trends for the minimalist fashion in spring/summer.

Neutral monochrome outfits will be always-hit-no-miss style next year -especially full-beige. For hotter days, all-white monochrome is guaranteed to be chic, and comfy. Oversized pieces recommended!

16. Sixties

With the return of skirt suits and tweed sets and midi skirts and collared dresses, we are about to experience the sixties in 2022! And according to me, in a very gender-neutral way. We are talking button-down dresses, plaid pants, skirts, gloves, boxy jackets, heeled boots, pearls collarless jackets, velvet, and monochrome pop colors.