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Best solutions to these common fashion problems

Last Updated on 18/06/2022 by Rashi

Let’s just get to know each other, shall we? And for that, I hope it’s not TOO forward if we play Never Have I Ever… Fashion edition’

This version typically doesn’t involve drinking since it’d be pretty… weird? drinking over …a blog post. But if you want to, …Never stopped you before!

Okay, here we go!

Never Have I Ever…

1. Faced a run in my tights or stockings

Okay, I think we all have experienced this one horror. So yeah, that’s a lie.

What to do when it happens?

This situation cannot be eliminated but the run can be stopped with clear nail polish or hairspray to harden the material there.

Never Have I Ever…

2. Faced a blister caused by shoes

Well, this one is definitely true. Thankfully, I never had to face shoes that fit too loosely or too tight.

If you start getting blisters in the middle of the day due to friction injuries caused by shoes, bandaids can be handy but many more available options would be waxy prevention of friction by chapstick, lipstick, etc.

To prevent blisters, you can try no-show socks.

Be sure to treat the blister later. This is just a quick fix.

Never Have I Ever…

3. Faced underwear lines and lumps

I’d like to thank my mother for this one because I’m pretty sure my lazy ass wouldn’t have bothered to look for tights whenever I wore a bodycon or fitted dress or skirt.

Also, look out for the material of the clothing, bad material may cling to the wrong parts.

Solving problem of underwear lumps

Never Have I Ever…

4. Appeared shorter than I am

High five to all my petite people!

Tell me: Have YOU ever experienced wanting to pull a Karlie Kloss, only to find it a little unachievable, thanks to the unjust height difference?

Here are some of the few fashion tweaks you can try to not appear short af.

  • Monochrome outfits
  • Dresses & skirts with shorter hemlines
  • Cropped anything. Especially pants.
  • Skinny bottoms
  • Tucked shirts and folded sleeves

Check out the ways I appear taller than I am with my 5’1 height without heels!

Never Have I Ever…

5. Had problem looking put together

So maybe in the past- but not anymore!

Will that count as a lie?

Here are some fast-acting help to avoid looking shabby.

  • Dress Code – Analyse the occasion along with your closet before jumping off to your favourite outfit.
  • Right accessories – Fashion content all over the internet can help you find perfect accessories for every occasion.
  • Add structure – If you are not good at creating a structure with your clothing pieces, stay away from slouchy bags and other pieces that don’t have a proper structure.

Dive deeper into the art of looking put together!!

Never Have I Ever…

6. Faced difficulty layering clothes

Before your brain points it out -yeah I know it seems like I’m bragging… but this is my blog post, okay?

If you find it difficult to do so, here’s a guide by The Lifestyle Files to help you learn the art of layering.

Never Have I Ever…

7. Ignored accessories

“Clothes without accessories is like sex without orgasm.”

Robert Lee Morris

Pretty summed up, huh?

I have gathered some must-have trend-proof accessories to have that can be worn in any season.

  • Statement earrings
  • A walkable pair of high heels
  • A classic watch
  • Leather or faux leather structured bag
  • Multifunctional scarf
  • A hat
  • Black versatile belt

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Never Have I Ever…

8. Tripped or fell in heels

Yeah, I’ve encountered little slips a few times but I have never tripped or fallen. And honestly, I find flats with smooth soles way harder to walk in than heels. Thanks to these smooth shits my death could be anything. The pavement on rainy days, slippery floor, stairs, toilets – you name it!

I may not be able to save myself from inevitable death by flats but I do have some tips for a fall-free heels experience.

  • Step from heel to toe just how you do usually.
  • Keeps your legs straight.
  • Look at where you are headed instead of looking at your shoes. But do glance around for grates or curbs.
  • Scrub the bottom of your heels with sandpaper to rough it up.
  • Make sure they fit you perfectly.

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