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A complete fashion guide to soft girl aesthetic

Last Updated on 12/05/2021 by Rashi

As the name suggests, this aesthetic is all about embracing all things that are soft and gentle. Think of puppies, flowers and cotton candy. In some ways, the soft girl aesthetic is like going back to that one spring when we were kids. Do you remember hello kitty stickers, wild daisies on the sidewalks, oversized clothes (a must in Asian households -if you know you know) and the floral-scented breeze?

Soft girl aesthetic can be considered a toned-down version of the y2k aesthetic, urbane version of cottagecore aesthetic and pastel version of e-girl aesthetic. It is generally full of clothes, accessories, patterns that are considered feminine, with a large number of pastels, hearts, butterflies, pink blush and cardigans.

Here’s the complete breakdown of the soft girl aesthetics’ fashion.

Prints– plaid, floral, polka dots, tie-dye, cow print and heart prints are dominating prints for the aesthetic. Try not to stray away from the mentioned prints if you haven’t done any experimenting with the aesthetic.

Colours–  though pastels (seafoam green, powder blue, soft peach, butter yellow, …) are considered the main colours for the soft girl aesthetic, darker and brighter colours can also give off soft vibes if you know how to style the right pieces. If you’re unsure, styling just pastels and neutrals colour palette will be enough.

TIP: sage green and butter yellow are most trendy pastel colors at the moment.

Soft girl clothing ideas

a pastel color fashion mood board with pastel and neutral outfits and clothing pieces necessary for soft girl aesthetic.
  • Cardigans- now, this one’s a must-have for this pastel-perfect aesthetic. Not only is a cardigan the most trendy outfit topper but it is also the comfiest outerwear. Whether you prefer skin-fit cropped ones or chunky ones, your closet must have them.
  • Turtlenecks– Not exactly cutesy but it is the perfect piece to layer silky slip dresses and cute camis over. Moreover, they are basic essential for every closet and almost every aesthetic.
  • Sweater vests– yep. Join in all the coolest girls on Instagram with this grandpa trend booming from fall 2020.
  • Slip dresses– slip dresses are one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your closet. And this isn’t just for the soft girls.
  • Cropped graphic tees– For the days you are not in the mood for floral sundresses and pretty blouses but still wanna look cute as a button.
  • Ribbed sets– ribbed sets are comfortable, effortlessly chic, cute and super versatile. Other than being a perfect soft girl loungewear, they can be worn as separate pieces for trendy Pinterest fits.
  • Corset tops– corset tops are perfect statement pieces for occasions that require extra efforts. Or even just for the days, you feel like wearing something dressier than a blouse and mom jeans.
  • Ribbed tops– these lightweight basics are not only super on point with the aesthetic but are also the best transitional pieces that aren’t going off trend any time soon.
an Indian influencer wearing a ribbed top as soft girl aesthetic fashion with a poofy ponytail.
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  • Mini and tennis skirts- From soft girls to egirls on the gram, every aesthetic fashion lovers are styling tennis skirts and trendy minis.
  • Oversized sweaters and hoodies– could be only me but I think the best part about soft girl aesthetic is extra comfy clothes (look up this blog’s name again).
  • Midi dresses– when I say midi dresses while talking about soft girl clothing pieces, what I have in mind are milkmaid dresses, sheer fabric, puffy sleeves and ruched details.
  • Camis– these y2k comeback pieces are the easiest to style and find. They are also super on point with the soft girl aesthetic.
  • Slightly flared trousers and jeans– a more covered up option for bottoms for the colder days or if you simply do not prefer skirts.
  • Mom jeans– a more casual and comfortable approach to the aesthetic -because ‘running errands fit’ is a thing.

Soft girl aesthetic accessories

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  • Scrunchies– okay but do I need to explain here?
  • Bucket hats– the cutest accessory trend at the moment if you ask me. Also, an easy way to dive into the aesthetic.
  • Baguette shoulder bags– wear anything from a pastel-perfect ribbed set to a baby doll dress, this bag makes any soft girl outfit look 2x cuter.
  • Beads– so we all know, colourful stacked beads are IT girls’ latest obsession. Whether you prefer layered or single delicate ones, it’s time to experiment.
  • Anything with cute butterflies– Pretty obvious, I know.
  • Pearl jewellery– if you do not prefer beads (or just wanna have more options), you always have classic pearls.
  • Cute phone cases– the question is, do you still not have one?
  • diamond accessories– beads and pearls may be cute but if the occasion or your mood is fancy, nothing is better than diamonds (faux ones are more glitzy, to be honest).
  • Chains– a dainty chain necklace is a must-have accessory for everyone whether you’re into soft girl aesthetic or not.
  • 00’s inspired hair clips– nope, we ain’t leaving that hair.

Soft girl aesthetic outfit ideas to get you started

Monochrome outfit

If you’re new to monochrome styling, it’s the art of styling an outfit with clothing pieces and accessories of the same colour family – preferably in different shades and tints. Pick one colour, pick the main piece of the outfit in that colour then style the outfit around that main piece and colour. You can include a different coloured piece too if you feel creative. It also doesn’t include just solids – have fun with your prints!

Pop of color

a sage green or pastel green cropped polo styled with cream sweater and white jeans for a soft girl aesthetic outfit.

This one’s a bit similar to monochrome outfit styling. Pick pieces in one colour or colour family and then add a piece or an accessory in different contrasting colour against the colour you initially picked. It could be outerwear or a third piece like a cardigan or layered cami. If you are not confident enough in your styling game, start an accessory, like a bucket hat, bag or shoes.

Turtleneck layered under a dress

If you familiar with the global street style scene right now, you know that colder days doesn’t mean goodbye to your slip dresses and dainty dresses. Pair turtleneck under them to spice your fit of the day. You can merge the above-mentioned outfit ideas, pop of colour or monochrome pairing for more creative styling. Accessorize the outfit with a bucket hat and cute hair clips for a fun and flirty outfit. You can also pair the outfit with pointy-toe mules and a quilted bag, to make it look polished enough for work (from home).

Cardigan as a top

These comfy outerwear pieces can not only be styled with almost everything mentioned in this blog post but can also be styled as top themselves! Pair a cropped skin fit one with high waisted jeans or tuck in an oversized one in a cute skirt. You can also pair a skin fit one with a pinafore for an even cuter look. Accessorize these outfits with bucket hats and beaded jewellery.

School girl inspired

The schoolgirl inspired look, that is the preppy style is the most popular under soft girl aesthetic and is super trendy everywhere -whether it Pinterest or Instagram. This cute academia look is easiest to style with just a tennis skirt, crewneck and a shirt. To make this style more on point with the aesthetic, pair cute socks, a baguette bag and a pearl necklace. You can also make the outfit look more feminine by switching the crewneck with a cardigan.

dress layered under a cardigan

Like I mentioned before, a cardigan is the best outfit topper when it comes to soft girl aesthetic. And one of the comfiest and cutest way to style it would be to pair it with a dress -even better, a slip dress. This outfit can be worn with strappy square-toed sandals or mules for a dressier look, and with chunky boots and sneakers for a casual look. A dress and a cardigan are such a great pairing, the outfit hardly requires any accessories. Though some pearl jewellery and/or bucket hat would make the outfit even more Instagram-worthy.

Cute blouse with denim

A shortcut is also here courtesy to me. Just pick the cutest blouse from your closet and pair it with white or any light-coloured denim. Now, here’s the styling trick, if your blouse is wide or oversized, pair it with bootcut denim that is flared only at the bottom. And, if your blouse is skin fit, try wider pants.

an india based fashion blogger in a polko dot top with white jeans showcasing soft girl aesthetic fashion.