90s outfit ideas for party- inspired by 2022 trends

Last Updated on 05/10/2022 by Rashi

“What goes around, comes around” and so the 90s trends are randomly making comeback. And one thing it is known for is the beginning of “less is more” in fashion. Makes it a little hard to dress for a 90s vibe for a party and look for outfit ideas, doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing though, The 1990s may be a period of minimalism, with casual outfits consisting of jeans, crops, and flannels everywhere. But this gave way to sportswear with neon colors and more glamorous fashion with metallic and vinyl textures. Sounds party-proof enough?

Well, it will once you scroll through the curated party outfits inspired by trends that are making comeback in 2022 and the past iconic looks you can recreate.

90s fashion & trends that are back

Here’s a list of the most popular 90s trends (with fit ideas) making a comeback for you to style a party outfit around. In addition to the outfit ideas- from party chic to maximalist and colorful, check out ways you can style outfits as per your aesthetic.

1. High-Waisted Mom Jeans

Mom jeans returned a few years back and they are better than ever. The high-waisted baggy style is a comfy alternative to bootcut and straight-fit. It’s the perfect option if you want to wear your party outfit more on the street-style side. Style one with a sexy halter or a corseted top as I’ve mentioned just below this! You can also throw in leather here!

Bella Hadid in a white corseted top that looks straight out of 90s outfit ideas lookbook paired with mom jeans and sandals


Chic slip dresses were particularly wardrobe staples for every ’90s girl (just like now!)—just scroll down to see Naomi Campbell. You can style them with rhinestone choker necklaces—another very ’90s piece. You can also layer them over mesh skin-fit tops if you want.

3 Cropped blazer

A modern-day fall staple: a cropped tuxedo jacket. Yep, it was a thing in the 90s too. Look at Model Linda Evangelista in her outfit from the 90s. Style yours with high-waisted trousers or make it flashy with a sequin skirt.

Model Linda Evangelista in her outfit from the 90s consisting of a modern-day fall staple ideas: a cropped tuxedo jacket.

4. Leather Blazer

Nothing is better to wear in a 90s party outfit than big blazer energy -especially if it is leather. And you already know leather was the IT material.

5. Black sheer

A super easy option. And a fancy trendy one too! I mean did you take a look at this year’s MET Gala outfits?

kendal jenner wearing a sheer dress for a party that looks out of 90s outfit ideas lookbook


One of the best ideas to wear in a 90s party outfit is a vinyl or faux leather pant look from the ’90s. Adding a coat or blazer gives the flashy material a classic feel if you like chic outfits.

You can also pair a leather blazer for edgy chic outfit!

a fashion blogger from India wearing ideas with a green ribbed polo with leather pants and a black woolen coat for a 90s outfit for a party.


Velvet was a classy, glamorous, and popular trend during the 80s era that continued in the 90s. It has since resurfaced with an trendy twist on tailored coats, skirts with slit, structured dresses and two-piece sets.

8. Animal-Print

  • Zebra Print
  • Leopard print
  • Cheetah (yeah there’s a difference)
  • crocodile textured print
  • Snake print (continuous trend from 80s)

9. Corsets

The easiest way to wear this latest trend and match the 90s energy while looking party ready? A corset or corseted top/dress. Apart from being TikTok’s favorite (from cottagecore to soft core aesthetic), it’s also super versatile. If you’re headed to a fancy party but don’t wear a night-out dress, a bustier or corset is a great way to elevate any look.

Accessories ideas for 90s party outfit

1, Translucent glasses

I’d claim translucent sunglasses as one of my best ideas on this list for integrating the ’90s party theme in your outfit. Get them in small rectangle or circle shapes!

2. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Or you can go for exaggerated cat-eye frames that were also extremely popular in the 90s -especially among celebrities. You can either go for a classic black one or a metallic one if you’re feeling edgy.


Hair accessories were all the rage in the 90s, and thick headbands were super popular. This one yet again is another accessory trend that TikTok has taken a liking to!

4. Combat Boots

Black combat boots (specifically the chunky Dr. Martens you are seeing everywhere on IG) were THE IT shoes of the 1990s, made popular by the decade’s grunge scene. Pair them with floral silk or a slip dress for an edgy chic look. You can also try stockings. Cut them up if you like the grunge vibe!

Hailey bieber wearing a 90s party style outfit with black silk dress and denim oversized jacket and combat boots for fashion ideas

5. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were super popular in the ’90s. yeah, it’s common knowledge. But how do you wear a casual accessory like this one for 90s party outfits?

Pair matching ones to your outfit. For example, a denim one with an outfit consisting of denim. You can also try leather or fuzzy bucket hats if you’d prefer something classic or don’t wanna buy a hundred thousand hats to match with outfits. (Not participating in overconsumption is hot girl shit)

Iconic 90s outfit ideas to re-create for party

  1. Aaliyah, 1995

The late singer brought the best of ’90s vibes with her low-waist jeans, a chunky-chain belt, and an edgy top -Further layered under an oversized fit jacket.

2. Cindy Crawford’s 1995 MTV Movie Awards

Cindy’s orange look is undoubtedly giving major Jacquemus ss21-22 vibes -a monochrome outfit idea that’s perfect to recreate!

3. Naomi Campbell -3rd annual news

Naomi Campbell -3rd annual news in the 90s wearing silk dress with fur coat for an outfit idea for party inspo

Do the chokehold slip dresses have on this era? And the fur/feather-lined jackets and coats that rose in popularity last winter?

4. Cher Horowitz

One of the most famous styles of the 90s: is plaid -especially attributed to Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) with her iconic yellow plaid blazer and skirt set from Clueless movie. In addition, there were many other trends in the movie that defined the 90s era -from cute cardigans to cropped camis.

5. Elle MacPherson during the grand opening of the fashion news in her sequin low-waist skirt and white shirt that looks like a 2022 basic staple.

and 6. Claudia Schiffer’s shiny vinyl pant styled with a black cardigan and yellow sweater -an obviously trendy combo for a party outfit.