old money vs new money outfits: what aesthetic do you pick?

Last Updated on 06/10/2022 by Rashi

While the terms, old money, and new money aesthetic recently became popular with gen z through style, vibes and outfits, they have been existing since long before -and so has VS or which one’s better.

The concept behind both terms is that the way a person comes into wealth is reflected in their attitudes and their style.

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New money and old money aesthetic from TikTok fashion differentiation and outfit styling tips through an infographic

We are not gonna get into societal stuff and status and whatnot today though. Just summarize and entertain ourselves with the contrast style between old money vs new money outfits and get inspired for our fits as per these two popular TikTok aesthetics.

Old money Outfits

what is old money?

“Old money” is a term that refers to the family wealth accumulated over several generations and is sustained and passed on as much as possible to the next generation.

Those who are well-off with old money do not like to flaunt or discuss their wealth -and in fact, consider it graceless.
While they do not shy away from a lavish lifestyle, it is less flashy, more private, and well-planned. And this is very noticeable in their style and outfits.

Academia aesthetic old money outfits

1. Light Academia Aesthetic outfit

Since Light Academia romanticizes academic life, art, culture, music, and history -something old money people adore, outfits inspired by it best way to start.

it usually includes light shades like white, tan, cream, gold, and soft pastel colors.

Outfit staples same as dark academia (below)

a style blogger wearing beige shirt over grey turtleneck and blue denim jeans for an aesthetic old money outfits

2. Dark Academia aesthetic outfit

Dark Academia: same as light academia but involving intense tragedies, and contemplating the existence of life, heartbreak, oppression and escapism. What’s more suitable for this aesthetic?

10 staple clothes for this aesthetic

  • turtlenecks
  • button-ups
  • blazers
  • cardigans
  • sweaters
  • long coats
  • vintage blouses
  • loose but tailored trousers
  • pleated skirts
  • sweater vests

Full guide on dark academia aesthetic.

an outfit consisting clothes: white crop puff sleeved blouse and black skirt with slit, styled with black bag for old money aesthetic outfits

Timeless Trends

3. Maxi hemlines

From maxi dresses getting popular under cottage come to neutral skirt observed in a chic streetstyle look. Maxi hemlines are a vintage trend here to stay. What better way to wear this trend than by styling old money outfit?

Sports Inspired

4. golf & tennis

Now, this is where another TikTok aesthetic pops in -Tennis girl. A tennis skirt-polo top or a polo dress, and a sweater layered over it if it’s cold. That’s all you need to look like an old-money-rich girl coming straight from court. Golf outfit? same thing but not pleated skirt.

a content creator based in India wearing lilac polo tennis dress with a crew neck sweater for tennis girl aesthetic and old money outfits

5. Loose tailoring

Even the richest of rich cannot escape the new generation’s distaste for skinny jeans.

For old money aesthetic, menswear-style trousers are perfect. Versatile to be styled with everything, super comfy while looking polished and chic. You can also try straight-leg loose denim or textured ribbed ones depending on the outfit!

Another must-have to style outfits in this aesthetic is a relaxed blazer. Go with the neutral or somber color palette.

6. Feather and fur

The definition of a classic fashion piece tbh. The ultimate piece for the cool-rich-girl vibe.

7. Pearls

The cover page for this aesthetic. I don’t think I need to explain here.

vs New money aesthetic Outfits

What is New Money?

“New Money” defines the wealth that has recently been acquired (hence new) and not something passed down from previous generations. Consider Internet celebrities and influencers, pop culture icons, famous entrepreneurs, sportspersons, artists who rise to fame on their own, etc.
Because most new money people have earned the majority of their wealth on their own, they rightfully so regard it as just ‘theirs’ and a badge of success to be proud of.

Streetstyle and Trends enthusiasts

1. Metallics

2. Bold Accessorizing game

3. Athleisure-inspired casuals streetstyle

Golf and tennis might inspire old money but the new money aesthetic is all about gym hustle culture; is carried by NBA players, athletes, rappers (especially from the hip-hop scene), and street style fanatics.

Easy ways to style cool athleisure outfits is through 80s tracksuits, varsity jackets, gym shorts, asymmetrical tank tops or bras, biker shorts and baseball caps.


Hot girl vibes

5. Sheer or Mesh

a style blogger and creator wearing mesh skin-fit lilac and black dress with tie dye print for new vs old money outfits.
a brown blogger and creator wearing mesh lilac and black dress with tiedye print for new vs old money outfits

6. Cut-Outs


7. monogrammed pieces

Logomania after it became one of the huge trends in the 90s has returned in 2022, fueling the new money aesthetic. Not that new money rich weren’t wearing logos splashed across (not just outfits but) everything before it. It signifies status, wealth, and power after all.

But now you have another reason to style the logomania trend!