IG baddie Approved New money Outfits you need to try this fall

Last Updated on 19/10/2022 by Rashi

While old money style is definitely a HUGE trend right now and will stay for long with its vintage aesthetic and outfits, new money is more popular in the form of street-style drip among cool girls and IG baddies.

The moto jackets, excessive silver jewelry, unconventional and flashy -even risqué trends, sporty sunglasses, and accessories. Yep, it’s all included in the new money aesthetic and inspired outfits.

what is new money aesthetic?

The phrase “new money” refers to wealth that has recently been acquired (hence, new), as opposed to wealth that has been handed down through the generations. Think of people who gain fame independently, such as social media influencers, pop culture figures, successful businesspeople, athletes, and artists.
Unlike old money who inherit their money from previous generations, most new money people earn the majority of their wealth on their own. They rightfully so regard it as just ‘theirs’ and a badge of success to be proud of.

And it definitely cannot be summed up as ‘being rude to servants and less educated and cocky attitude’. I’m looking at you BuzzFeed (cringe*).

This is where flashing it in their looks comes.

New money Outfits to try fall 2022 for that IG Baddie Vibe

Go bold or go home

New Money People are not afraid to express their wild and daring dreams, nature, and projects through their outfits.

1. clashing prints and vibrant colors

With their spirit to stand out, they will also follow the clashing print trend. You know what to do. Mix and match different prints together in a cohesive way.

two colorful outfits and outfit ideas for fall with new money aesthetic trend: clashing prints for 2022 street-style but make it softcore
rihanna wearing yellow dress with pink coat under new money aesthetic and its vibrant color trend for fall fashion 2022
Rihanna or Robyn Rihanna Fenty

2. Hot girl details

  1. Straps– Whether it’s wrapped around your midriff as a part of the clothing or slithering around your ankles, showing off your heels.
  2. Creative Back Details
  3. cut-outs
  4. Super mini hemlines

3. Loud Prints

From brightly colored groovy prints to huge and vibrant florals to limited edition artistic designs.

Jhope of BTS or Jung Hoseok

New money carry all trends aka y2k fever in their outfits

4. Double Denim

While matching hues of denim would be an obvious way to style, you can also try pairing all different sorts of denim in one blue monochrome outfit!

Try pairing bootcut jeans and classic oversized denim jacket layered or even a denim vest layered for a new money model off-duty look. Throw in a baguette bag and chunky boots and you’re good!

Kanye west and julia fox wearing the double denim y2k aesthetic outfits for the new money fashion
Kanye west & Julia Fox

5. Layered Up Sheer

Pick vibrant groovy graphic or tie-dye prints, and layer them under crop or oversized blazers. You can try bomber jackets and layering a corset too!

6. Logo

Logomania, which was one of the biggest 90s trends, has returned in 2022, fueling the new money aesthetic. In the age of thrifting and second-hand fashion, anyone can try participating in this trend!

Street-style edge

7. sporty vibe

For this season: Racer jackets, leather pants, tennis skirts, sporty gloves and visor sunglasses are fueling streetstyle for fall 2022. If golf & tennis is for old money, racing and skiing outfits are the sports inspiring fashion of the new money and street style enthusiasts.

CL or Lee Chae-rin wearing a sporty all pink outfit for streetstyle vibe of new money aesthetic outfi
CL or Lee Chae-rin

8. subversive basics

What you can style in your IG baddie subversive and edgy aesthetic outfits-

  • cargo pants
  • ribbed tank tops
  • sharp cut-outs
  • asymmetrical skirts (especially midi)
  • unconventional necklines
  • leather
  • mesh pieces
  • fringe detailing
  • skin-fit bodysuit
  • leggings

9. Casual outfits trendy athleisure fits

The new money aesthetic is after all majorly participated by NBA players, athletes, rappers (especially from the hip-hop scene), and street style fanatics- athleisure is often casual streetstyle. Think types of sweat sets, gym shorts, bra-tops, sporty jackets and biker shorts in outfits.

All that bling bling

10. metallic

One thing metallics is often used as is futuristic taste. Maybe that’s why it falls under “New Money clothing”? I mean even if it’s not, it’s cool. You know what to wear now.

megan thee stallion wearing a metallic dress with pink metallic purse for the new money aesthetic outfits to try this fall
Megan Thee Stallion or Megan Jovon Ruth Pete

11. sequin

If there’s one stereotypical thing that’s actually right about new money, it’s that most of them love to show up and stand out with their style. Whether it’s metallic, sequins or stacked jewelry, or both! They know the way around bling-bling and they look good doing it.

a style blogger wearing a sequin skirt and black blazer with diamond details and jewelry for the new money aesthetic and outfits

12. Excess jewelry/accessories

With chunky chains and thick gold hoops as trendy jewelry staples and diamonds (or faux) now more accepted as non-event pieces, this one should be easier!