My favorite trends, creators, ceasing toxic masculinity in fashion

Last Updated on 28/05/2022 by Rashi

While I always share current trends, trends forecasts, style guides, outfit ideas; I don’t think I’ve been recently sharing what I am personally loving. I can’t get enough of the styles, my favorite trends, and everything about fashion I would love to try.

I’ve rarely shared my own opinions and preferences in the midst of sharing everything in a no-fluff and direct way. (other than the 10 fashion rules I recommend unfollowing). This is why I decided to create something like a mini fashion journal to talk about what I am loving and share my opinions on all the things in fashion.

My favorite trends of 2021 right now

A south asian blogger and content creator showcasing my favourite trends, styling ideas and trendy summer outfits in a fashion moodboard for 2021
  • Pastels – call it summer’s influence or soft aesthetic obsession but someone like me who preferred an all-black outfit on the hottest day can’t seem to get away from pastels.
  • Halter necks – The most iconic trend of summer and my personal favorite summer trend.
  • Matching Sets – Though I have yet to the play matching game, this one’s definitely one of the trends I’m going to try before it fades.
  • Claw clips – Since cozy style is in thanks to quarantines, a no-fuss hair accessory is all I’m willing to wear outside in summer.
  • Bold Shoulders – My favorite way to statement outfits!
  • Knit polos – 90s polo has always been interesting to me. And now that it’s back with modern tailoring and better fabrics, I’m not letting go of polos easily.
  • Straps and strings – The very next trend I’m hoping to try!
  • Crop tops – If you follow me on Instagram, you know.

Speaking of Instagram, a large part of my inspiration to try out trends comes from my favorite creators of Instagram.

Fashion content creators to follow on Instagram that share the best of my favourite trends, style tips and outfit ideas.







Other non-fashion creators I love

Fashion content creators to follow on Instagram that share the best of my favourite trends, style tips and outfit ideas.






If you decide to check these accounts out, you’ll notice a few Dark academia aesthetic-inspired accounts. And Dark Academia isn’t really my style. The thing is, I was obsessed with the Dark academia aesthetic in summer 2020. And honestly, I still love artistic concepts of academic aesthetic, even though I’ve strayed away from dark and mysterious clothes.

Other than the style and trends popular aesthetics give rise to, I love how experimental and inclusive they are and the expressions they represent.

Aesthetics like the Soft boy aesthetic for example, allows guys to embrace their sensitive sides and skip over the fence of what they’ve been told is masculine.

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“The labels of what being masculine is, is an outdated concept”


And so do RM and the other six members of BTS; Jin, SUGA, J-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook reflect, with their comfort with makeup, versatile styles of clothes that often consist of traditionally feminine pieces; and reluctance to hold back their tears. That being said, it’s no surprise they receive hate for their tinted lips and colored lids in worldwide markets that, not so long ago, called even moisturizer a taboo -all under its obsession with guarding the labels of masculinity.

While we’re talking about BTS, I think we should take a moment to appreciate their androgynous outfits in the concept photos of Butter.

I love the way the outfits look so balanced with a mix of delicate and traditionally masculine pieces. The way ruffled collars, pearl details, and sheer under pieces have been paired with platform Chelsea boots and leather is just iconic. If you look closely (or in the music video), you’ll also notice that Jin’s outfit (2nd picture) consists of a black skirt styled over wide-leg jeans.

Safe to say, I hope the stylist is given a raise.

Butter remains to be one of my favorite fashion moments this year. And the list of those moments also includes Harry Styles in Grammys and Lil Nas’ perfect fits.

I will look forward to when brands, stores, and the industry itself stop showcasing wall-to-wall blues, greys, and blacks in the same, limited styles when it comes to men’s fashion. Not only this limits an individual to creatively express themselves but also contributes to toxic masculinity.