Minimalist trends of 2020 include print

10 simple minimalist trends of 2020-21

Last Updated on 30/08/2021 by Rashi

As I’ve mentioned before, I avoid bright colours and stick to styling pastels pieces and neutral basics, dip my toes only in tubs of basic prints, maintaining a close relationship with minimalist trends. At the same time, I also feel unsatisfied when it comes to complete simplicity.

In short, my style is more inclined towards less is more in the spectrum whose two ends are maximalism and minimalism.

You, on the other hand, are more likely to be one of the everyday minimalist women that I come across often on my Instagram if the title appealed to you. And I can bet these 2020 fashion trends will fall perfectly alongside your minimalist wardrobe essentials!

Short suiting


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Bermuda shorts are a huge bottom trend this year. The minimalistic way of wearing it is with a blazer that comes along with it. In case of extreme professionalism, are you game to add waistcoat trend with the look?



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This one is my absolute favourite minimalist trend of 2020. Waistcoats take androgyny to the next level while adding a polished look to any outfit. At the same time, they can also be used in a feminine look if styled with pieces like blouses and mini skirts.

Chunky chains


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A ‘dramatic’ accessory that can not only spice up an aesthetically simple look but also makes the outfit look five times more expensive. In short, bold chains!



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Leather mules, solid flat boots and neutral ankle boots are a few examples of the square toe trend that make up the path for minimal lovers on their way to hop onto the trend.

Bigger bags


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Fashion Victim #bigbagtrend

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Thankfully we’ve raced past tiny bag trend -which was undoubtedly inconvenient and have reached oversized ones. Besides, bigger volume in terms of accessory can make a minimalistic outfit differ from a plain-jane look.

Knit dresses


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Knit dress, without a doubt, is the new trendy basic to add to your closet and the ultimate investment piece. And not for just a minimalist but every single person who strives towards chicness and comfort while keeping contact with current trends. Most importantly, it will support you when your sweats won’t be able to.



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From blazers to trousers to shirts, leather has marked its territory on almost all clothing pieces. …With leather knickers in existence, I think I should remove that ‘almost’.

A tiny gift if you are not sure how to dress down a leather jacket in a minimalistic way!

Altered ribbed tank and tops


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This trend has been introduced with refreshing alteration including asymmetrical necklines and cut-outs. And in all seriousness, make it your bitch! It’s the statement piece for minimalist ladies of 2020.

Polka dots

A minimalistic style inspired outfit featuring 2020 spring clothing trend of polka dots.

Believe it or not, I predicted this one (along with 9 other trends that are not in this list). Polka dot is the perfect print for injecting chicness in an outfit without making it look cluttered.

One of the major minimalist trend of 2020 that is a must-have for any minimalist wardrobe: polka dot print

Coordinating knit


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Comfortable, chic, effortless and one of the most versatile trend ever. Moreover, Knits, in general, make an outfit look so much more put together. A hack if you struggle with that! I am waiting if anyone can drop one excuse for not jumping on this trend.

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