How to style sheer blouses: a quick guide

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The bold but classy look of this chic and romantic trend just screams femme-fatal to me. Not only do sheer blouses look like statement pieces, but they can also be styled in various different ways thanks to their versatility. The fact that sheer material looks super expensive -be it chiffon, organza or tulle is just icing on top. Here’s a quick guide to help you style sheer blouses in multiple ways for any occasion!

Tip: For starter level, go with pastel clothing pieces (pastels outfits are heavily in trend right now) or neutral ones as they are particularly easier to style.

What to wear under a sheer blouse

Crop top
The transparency of sheer adds a sophisticated touch to an otherwise casual look of a crop top.

Bralette or bra top
Sheer blouses tone down the sensual look of a bralette while you can still show it off.

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Tanktop or Tube top
The perfect solution to dressing without anxiety if you ask me.

A quick guide on what to wear underneath sheer blouse of all types while styling this trend

Bodysuit or bathing suit
Evidently, a very clever way to utilize the bathing suits. Bathing suits and bodysuits underneath the sheer blouse will make the sheer blouse appear chicer thanks to the snug fit.

Tip: While picking what to wear underneath the blouse, your safest option would be to go with the same color as the blouse. However, if you are up for standing out, go with a contrasting color or even neon.

How to style sheer blouses for different occasions

How to wear a sheer blouse casually

Denim (jeans, jacket, shorts or skirts)
Leave it to denim to add a sense of casualness to even the most sophisticated piece.

Not only it can make sheer go from sexy to cute, but it also covers most of the frontal part.

The easiest way to dress down is the fancy look that a sheer blouse gives off. It also works for any outfit that doesn’t meet the ‘casual’ criteria.

Can you wear a sheer blouse to work or interview?

Here you go. Your little cheat sheet to help you give your 9-5 outfits a trendy update. Your welcome.

Blazer or suits
Blazers and suits are the most versatile pieces so they can be easily styled with sheer. You can go for a linen blazer or suit since it’s summer. In addition to being more covered up, the blazer also eliminates the inner piece problem if you button up.

Formal bottoms
In order to turn a romantic sheer blouse into a boardroom-worthy piece, pair it with straight-leg pants or a sleek pencil skirt. I will particularly recommend high-waist bottoms to avoid showing skin.

covering inner piece
Bralettes or bra tops are not exactly office appropriate but the other inner piece suggestions mentioned above would absolutely work here.

Mesh or printed sheer blouses
They also work great if you are not ready for complete transparency. However, if your work environment is strict, consider wearing a covering inner piece like crop or tank tops under the blouse.

How to style sheer blouses is different ways for different occasions: a quick guide

Semi-sheer blouses are not just easiest to style but also quite modest if you’d rather be subtle -showing skin only on areas like shoulders or sleeves.

Dressing them up for going out

Annnd my favorite part of this post! With sheer blouses as your statement piece, you -without a doubt have endless options to style an outfit for night outs, classy events, or date nights.


How to style sheer blouses for a night out, parties, Friday nights, date nights: a quick guide

Metallic bottoms are THE pieces that can keep up with the dramatic chicness of sheer blouses.

If you prefer not to go that maximalist, opt for metallic heels or a metallic handbag or instead.

• Leather
From leather jacket to skirt to bra. This glossy material is also your key to styling a romantic piece like a sheer blouse in an edgy way. Leather and sheer is also a great combo if you wanna go for a street-style look.

Mesh or printed sheer blouses
Channel your inner Cher Horowitz with mesh, pairing it along with square toes, or score trendy with printed sheer blouses. They are precisely the rage this season and are perfect for outfits to wear on brunches with girlfriends!

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