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how to style pastels in spring/summer 2021

Last Updated on 30/08/2021 by Rashi

To absolutely no one’s surprise, pastel is one of the biggest trends of spring/summer 2021 and pastel outfits have taken over Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. Pastel aesthetics give off ultimate spring vibes and are also very calming and feel soothing against intense summer heat- making it the most perfect trend for spring-summer. From powder blue to sage green to butter yellow, sorbet pastel hues are not only elegant but they are also very versatile. There are multiple ways to style pastels this season and here’s are 8 ways to get you started!

8 ways to style pastel outfits

1. Mix & match prints

Pastels may be more appealing to minimalists but maximalists can also style this trend by creating a ‘busy’ outfit. Mix and match different prints in pastel colors together for a busy and bold, high fashion look. However, If you prefer a clean silhouette, you can pair minimal prints that do not look similar. For example, pair a polka dot blouse with a contrasting plaid skirt.

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Here are dominating prints of this season

  • Plaid
  • florals
  • polka dots
  • dalmatian spots
  • tie-dye
  • cow print
  • paisley

2. Style pastels in a monochrome outfit

For a monochrome outfit, style an outfit with clothing pieces and accessories of the same color family. You can either choose to style the piece in the same color or different shades and tints. Start by picking up the main piece of your outfit in one pastel color and then pick others pieces from the same color family. You can include a neon piece too as long if you’re feeling creative. A monochrome outfit also doesn’t have to include just solids – have fun with your prints!

3. Pop of color

Just like monochrome styling, start by styling an outfit in one color or color family. Then add a clothing piece or an accessory in different contrasting colors against the piece you initially picked. Here, you’re not limited to just pastel shades -feel free to style an all-white outfit and add a pastel shoulder bag for a pop of color! You can also style a full pastel outfit and add a bright-colored contrasting piece for a pop of color.

4. Color blocking

For a color-blocking pastel outfit, you can mix two or more contrasting pastel-colored pieces in one look -for example, whimsy yellow with lavender. If the combination is too bold for you, you can switch up one of the pastel pieces with a contrasting neutral piece. If you’re still not confident about color-blocking, you can go subtle by adding a bright accessory to add contrast to the pastel outfit.

5. Pastel + neutrals

If you want to make the pastel trend the center of your outfit, you can go with my favorite combination for wearing pastels, which is Pastels paired with neutrals. Pick a single pastel-toned item and pair it with neutral shades.

a brown fashion blogger on how to style pastels with neutrals in front of a pink wall.

I paired a sage green ribbed polo with white denim and added a cream sweater over my shoulders so that the pastel piece can pop.

For a soft and summery outfit, pair a pastel piece with light neutral accents like cream, caramel, and beige. If you prefer darker tones, black looks good with everything, and brown is undoubtedly the most trendy neutral with its rise in popularity.

An Asian fashion blogger in her teen styling a 90s polo tee with white sweater and jeans in order to style pastels.

6. Style pastels with denim

The easiest way to style pastels is to pair a pastel piece with your favorite denim. You can also style a denim-on-denim outfit and add a pastel piece. If you’re not game with denim on denim but still wanna add some spice to your outfit, accessorizing is the key. To spice up your outfit, add as many accessories as your outfit can handle. If your aim is for an urbane-chic look, go for modern chunky chains or raw kinds of pearls. Traditional pearls and elegant gold is best for a sweet and soft girl aesthetic look.

7. Mix different pastels colours together

That’s right. You read correctly.Β  Another way of wearing pastels is by pairing up two or more pastel colors together in a fun and flirty, colorful outfit. I don’t think this one needs any guidance or examples. All you need to do is pick your favorite pastel-colored pieces and style them all together in an outfit. You can also take inspiration from pastel color palettes and style pieces based on a chosen palette!

8. Style pastels with bold colours

As if there are not enough vibrant or bold ways to wear pastel colors in this guide, here’s another one. Neon pieces are perfect to pair against pastel pieces whether you style them in a monochromatic way or add a pop of neon color. You can pick the type of uniqueness and creativity your outfit reflects as per how contrasting the bright piece looks against the pastel piece.Β