How to style oversized sweaters in 12 ways

Last Updated on 06/09/2022 by Rashi

So the xxl sweaters look tempting on online sites and super cute on your IG feed and mad comfy for colder days… I know… same… How do you style oversized sweaters without looking like a-kid-in-adult clothes though?

Honestly, it’s all about how well you can tuck and layer, and the proportions that work for you. Just keep experimenting with different style of oversized sweaters and aesthetics to see what you like on yourself. And there are way too many ways to style it -like istg you’ll never run out of fits. Especially if you’re a Pinterest scroller or Korean fashion lover.

For your dress-up games, here are 12 looks to style oversized sweaters based on 2022 trends that you can copy right now!

1. Layered with a shirt dress

A style blogger styling a white oversized sweater with a purple dress for a soft girl aesthetic outfit.

Last year, one of the most popular pieces was ribbed skin-fit shirt dresses, and what’s a better way to style them than with oversized sweaters?

It’s my personal favorite these days. Not only are they super easy to pair but they also give off a major soft girl aesthetic!

Pair the ensemble with chunky boots for a more casual vibe, or with sneakers and new & trendy leg warmers to look TikTok-cute. To make the outfit, even more, Instagram-worthy accessorize with pearl jewelry and/or a bucket hat.

a style influencer wearing a white sweater with lilac dress, accessorized with silver jewelry to showcase how to style oversized sweaters.
A fashion blogger wearing a lilac dress styled under a crop oversized sweater

2. Monochrome

Style pieces in the same color or in different shades and tints to create a monochrome look. Start by picking one of your oversized sweaters of a particular color, and then style with items from the same color family.

Like I just mentioned above it bold and bright colors are very on trend this fall. So you can also include a electric colored piece if you’re feeling extra creative. Monochrome outfits don’t have to be all solid colors โ€“feel free to play around with prints!

btw.. monochrome styling is one of the major 2022 trends for spring/summer

3. Bright & Bold

Pantone’s recent forecasts include Fire Whirl (a strong red hue), Fuchsia Fedora (a passionate hot pink), and Mykonos Blue (a bright blue color inspired by the Aegean Sea).

You know what this means… bright-colored outfits are in. I mean I think we knew already through the vibrant y2k outfits on Instagram.

oversized sweaters styled with pink pants in a bold outfit for 2021 from Pinterest

4. crops and midis

Okay, but how can you miss THE trendy silhouette for 2022?

I get that midriff-baring pieces aren’t exactly weather friendly -but nothing that layering can’t beat! Pair them with puffers for a street style-inspired look, and with a long coat for a chic aesthetic outfit. If it isn’t snow storming wherever you are, you can also style an oversized blazer for your sweaters.

Whatever you go for a knit midi will definitely make it look super on-trend and polished.

5. turtleneck + crewneck

This was the one of the most popular look on internet last year thanks to TikTok and I think this one can go around another year. This 90s vibey outfit look super trendy, and is clearly warm enough -and can also be layered further!

6. Private school stylish nerd

I’m pretty sure you have encountered this one. Classic and cute fit with oversized old-school-looking crewneck sweaters layered over collared blouse, polo, or shirt; and paired with relaxed jeans. If you want to go with the academic vibe, pair cute glasses and chunky loafers. And if you prefer cute and or indie fits, go with a bucket hat, funky enamel rings, and chunky boots.

an outfit showcasing how to style oversized sweaters with button-up shirts and denim for a preppy look.

7. Matching set

If you live under a rock, let me tell you that matching sets are one of the IT girl fashion necessities. Other than being trendy, they are also versatile as the pieces can be styled separately.

Pair oversized sweaters under tweed sets or cardigan-knit skirt sets, or style a sweater-knit skirt set. The look is guaranteed to look cute and put together with no matter what. You can also style a lounge set as a street-style fit by accessorizing.

8. Over-accessorize

If your style leans to the casual side, or for the days you want a low-effort cute fit, over-accessorizing is how you can style oversized sweaters.

Add accessories like thick bold chains and quilted bags to instantly transform a basic outfit into a casual-chic high-fashion look. Layer up dainty chains and stack up rings. Other than accessories, you can also go for sweaters that are embellished or draw attention.

9. Edgy fit

If you’re not feeling leather pieces (or just want more outfit ideas), but still wanna dress edgy and chic, all-black is here for you.

Style one of your cozy black oversized sweaters with other all-black pieces, and add accessorize to add some spice to the outfit. You can also add a piece or an accessory in a contrasting color to make it pop!

10. edgy fit pt.2

Fall-winter street style is a play zone for (faux) leather pieces -from classic trenches, pants, and jackets to trendy shackets, blouses, and dresses.

Most TikTok-friendly trendy piece for this year is definitely a leather blazer or coat and relaxed leather pants. Both are very versatile with whatever sweater they are paired against.

11. Tennis girl aesthetic

Core pieces: tennis skirt or mini pleated skirt, skin-fit polo tops, tennis shoes, crewneck sweaters to layer over polos, sweater vests, oversized puffer or varsity jacket and a sweater tied over your shoulders. Top it off with edgy sunglasses and gold semi-hoop earrings.

12. style oversized sweaters outfit

While you’ll see many industry insiders and stylists advise against oversized pieces for petite people; if you notice the site title, you can tell I couldnโ€™t care less about it. Because first, it’s one of the many ‘fashion rules’ that we threw in the trash. And secondly, aren’t small size and oversized outfits cute?