how to style monochrome outfit that fit your aesthetic

Last Updated on 26/07/2022 by Rashi

Whether it’s vibrant and bold aesthetic preferred by 2022 trends, minimalist pale hues, or forever-favorite neutrals, a monochrome outfit always looks put together. The cherry on top? they can be styled for any ANY popular TikTok aesthetic that you may be following!

And I mean of course you can look up ‘black monochromatic outfits dark academia’ on Pinterest but it won’t style the clothes you have in your closet. Which is probably why you’re here.

So here are your 8 ways to style a monochrome outfit in a way that fits your particular aesthetic… FROM the clothes you already have.

1. style monochrome outfit with printed pieces that fit your aesthetic

Step I. Pick prints that fit your aesthetic. For instance, think of 70s swirls, checkerboard, groovy pattern and animal print if you have new money or other maximalist taste.

Step II. Pick other pieces in the same color as your printed piece(s).

Step III. Find a silhouette that you like by experimenting or looking up on Pinterest.

Step IV. Throw in accessories (the way we discussed before) and take ‘today’s fit’ videos.

a blue retro aesthetic monochrome outfit consisting of denim jeans and butterfly maximalist abstract printed tie up shirt worn by style blogger from india

2. add accessories from your aesthetic in your monochrome outfit

#1 Go creative with adding same-colored accessories to your outfits. For example, style matching sneakers or baseball caps with your athleisure outfits. (scroll down to see athleisure inspo)

#2 Add some accessories that fit your aesthetic to spice up possibly boring outfit. For instance, add beaded jewelry if you’re aiming for kidcore or indie aesthetic.

Some trendy accessories for 2022 are-

  1. chain Belts
  2. Layered Chain Necklaces
  3. Chunky Platform High Heel Boots
  4. Pearl Jewelry
  5. Colored Prada Gloves
  6. Head Scarf
  7. Mixed metal
  8. Floral adornments (the flower claw clip that has everyone in a chokehold)
  9. Chunky rings
  10. Statement gold hoops

3. Who says you can’t layer up in summer?

Styling a monochrome outfit for winter might be the norm cause there are more pieces to work with but summer doesn’t only mean basic girl tank top and shorts. Here are some cool girl ensembles that you can style as per your aesthetic-

  • sporting swimsuits as tops & a light crop jacket or cardi
  • Pair an oversized button-up with a bra-top or tank top
  • mesh or sheer top over cute dress
  • Button-up or blazer layered over playsuit

4. Y2k trends

No matter what’s your aesthetic, Y2K has invaded all corners of the internet and closets.

While Y2K trends like front-tie tops, metallics, Kitsch accessories and laces & straps may suit hot girl summer outfits better but there others that fit all aesthetics!

  • crop jackets and tops
  • micro skirts
  • bootcut jeans
  • loose tailoring
  • feather details
  • rhinestones
  • baguette bags
  • flatforms and platforms

5. Matching sets

Matching sets are the easiest ways to style monochromatic outfits whether you want them dressed up or casual. Since there are… well… already matching. They are also very versatile as the pieces can be styled as separates!

For heatwave season, you can try cute set of linen button-ups & matching shorts or front-tie tops and skirts. You can just style them with the accessories mentioned (above) and you’re good!

6. Style monochrome Pastel-colored outfit for softer aesthetic (light academia, soft girl, old money etc)

Pastel hues are your best option if you’re just getting into monochromatic styling. From powder blue to sage green to butter yellow, pick sorbet pastel pieces in one color for an aesthetic monochrome outfit.

7. Textures

The best way to avoid a boring monochrome outfit is to style aesthetic pieces of different textures. A golden rule no matter what’s your style.


  • Velvet- (velvet is returning in winter 2022!)
  • Ribbed
  • Silk/satin
  • Denim
  • Lace
  • mesh

7. Casual but cute

If your taste is more on the girly side, you can go for cami tops, tennis skirts, ribbed casual tops, button ups, straight-leg or mom jeans, bralette tops and tube tops.

If you like the streetstyle aesthetic, you can style athleisure-inspired outfit with a monochrome combo of tank tops, sports bra, baggy jeans, cargo pants, sneakers, socks, polo tops, matching athleisure sets, button-ups, biker shorts and jersey playsuits.

a micro influencer wearing lilac aesthetic monochrome outfit consisting of button up and a halter neck top - y2k inspired

Start with these trendy Colors-

1. for Purple monochromatic outfit – lilac & periwinkle

Starting of with the pantone color of the year. It had to be here of course.

1. monochrome pink outfit – Hot pink

In the last two years, the Bratz doll became a huge makeup and styling inspo. So the emergence of barbie core wasn’t all surprising to me tbh.

With barbie core comes the very valid hot pink obsession.


Although green in general is the most popular color at the moment -also known as the ‘color of the gen z’, forest green is a fashion favorite right now.

4. Yellow – canary yellow

Yellow was Pantone color of the year 2022 so it makes sense it still has still has influence over fashion.

5. Brown for neutral lovers

6. monochromatic white outfit

All white monochrome combos are THE EASIEST way to beat the β€œI don’t have anything to wear” situation. And the easiest color to style as well!

all white monochrome outfit styled by a brown blogger for summer inspired by the academia aesthetic

7. Blue monochromatic outfit- sky blue

Have fun with styling outfits!

blue aesthetic combo of tie-up shirt and blue denim jeans for a monochrome outfit for summer inspired by retro trends