How to style chic outfits -by 8 fashion creators

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This pandemic may have ruined your weekend brunches and dinner dates but at least it has given all the time you need to master how you can style chic outfits. Your old clothes that you can’t seem to get enough of and those trendy pieces that TikTok & Instagram made you buy can have the chicest outcome when combined with the style tips by these best fashion bloggers & influencers.

Here are the questions I asked these 9 chic bloggers/influencers and their answers are all you need to style chic outfits.

Ravika Sabh | Instagram

A brown blogger sharing her tips on how she style chic outfits, dressed in a pink checked pant suit.

Do you think ‘chic style’ is limited to basic clothing pieces and neutral tones?

I’d say ‘chic style’ isn’t limited at all. Majority of outfits are quite basic so it’s more about how it’s styled. And when it comes to styling, there are so many different ways to style even just a ‘basic look’. Fashion is not usually about following the latest trends but it’s about how you style those trends that make is fashionable. When you think of ‘chic style’, you do usually think of neutral tones however it can be even brighter tones as long as it comes across as quite a clean/sleek.

Amber Sabri | Instagram | website

A brown blogger in a green puff-sleeved mini dress

Clothing or accessory you would advise others to avoid when styling a chic outfit?

I wouldn’t call out a specific clothing item or accessory to avoid when styling a chic outfit; It’s more of an item’s description. When pulling together an outfit, you want to be comfortable, chic, and put together. I would recommend staying away from any piece of clothing or accessory that is only complementary to your outfit in a certain position.

For example, a flowy dress that only looks good when you’re standing up, or a pair of loose-fitting pants that look unflattering and balloon-like when you’re sitting. You want your outfit to look good at all angles, and you want to feel good while wearing the outfit. If you’re comfortable with those balloon-like pants, or the flowy dress that sits weirdly when you’re not standing, then, by all means, wear it; but if you’re constantly aware of what you’re wearing, what your posture is like, and questioning your outfit, all of that time and effort to create the chic look is out the window. Half the appeal of a chic outfit is the confidence you wear with it.

Shivani Patel | Instagram

What do you think about seasonal trends?

I think trends are a super fun way to try styles that you normally wouldn’t wear. For example, some of my favourite fall trends are leather trousers and sweater vests. Had sweater vests not become the “hot new thing”, I would never have brought these versatile layering pieces into my closet. I think that trends allow people to try unique pieces of clothing while still finding ways to put personal twists onto them.

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My Duyen | Instagram

An Asian blogger sharing how to style chic outfits in a plaid mini skirt, top and sweater.

How would you style a chic outfit if you’re running late?

I think I would pick my mom jeans and pair it with a long sleeve square neck top, black blazer and my black high converse or black loafers.
And I would accessorize it with jewellery and a bag. But it depends on my mood that day which bag and jewellery.

Raven Roberts | Instagram | website

One thing you would avoid when styling chic outfits?

Clothing that looks or is too small. When wanting to look chic it’s best to have well-fitting garments. Remember size is only a number really you know and can see. The better your clothes fit the chicer they will look.

Eesha Srivastava | Instagram

An Asian Instagram influencer sharing her secrets on how she style chic outfits, dressed in a classic black blazer

Right now, what is the chicest clothing piece in your wardrobe?

The chicest and most wearable item in my wardrobe at the moment would have to be my vegan leather blazer. It is the perfect oversized, masculine fit, longline soft faux leather blazer from Zara’s current collection. The blazer was surprisingly affordable and is going to last me. It makes any outfit look significantly more put together and gives the most perfect finish to any casual outfit, dress or simply a top and jeans! My styling inspiration it came from Pinterest and having seen it styled by celebrities. I am constantly looking to incorporate it in my looks and can’t wait to wear it for years to come!

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Jordan Holmes | Instagram | website

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What is one outfit rule that you always follow for chic result?

One rule I always follow to ensure I have a chic result is to make sure that I have all of the right basics to pull the look together. This may include an oversized blazer, a white bodysuit, or even a nice pair of jeans. Having the right basics that fit and compliment you well will pull any look together.

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Mersa Merline Saint Juste | Instagram | website

Your best tips in order to style chic outfits?

I’d say my best tip for styling a chic outfit is to first know your body. By that I mean, everyone is shaped differently. What looks good on one person might not look good on another therefore you must wear something that not only will you feel good on but you have to look good on. Looking good brings great confidence. 

Second, Don’t be afraid to mix and match style and prints. You don’t always have to be matchy- matchy although matching outfits looks good But make sure you’re wardrobe is versatile. 

Third, Accessories are a must. They are like an extra add on to bring that stylish chic look to your outfit. Whether it’s a belt or earrings or a necklace, I strongly suggest that you accessorize your outfit. 

Always make sure to keep clothes in your closet that stays in fashion instead of the latest trend. They call it a trend for a reason. Choose clothes that don’t go out of style and that always looks sophisticated, and you won’t have to keep buying new clothes!

Jane Pak | Instagram | website

An Asian blogger sharing how she style chic outfits dressed in a white cardigan, blue jeans carrying Louis Vuitton bag.

What is one clothing piece that always makes your outfit look chic?

I always go for my thigh high boots! They bring any outfit together and makes you look so sophisticated and put together.

Tips to style chic outfits: conclusion

  1. Ravika– Your outfits don’t have to be colourless and basic to be called ‘chic’. Neutral colours ≠ chicness™.
  2. Amber- Stay away from any piece of clothing or accessory that is only complementary to your outfit in a certain way.
  3. Shivani- You can and should experiment latest trends to find that personal touch to add in you chic outfits.
  4. My- Classic wardrobe pieces paired with your favourite clothing pieces is the easiest way to have that ‘effortlessly chic’ effect.
  5. Raven- Well-fitted and tailored clothes is the baby step you need to take to always look polished and put-together.
  6. Eesha– Quality matters a lot but you don’t have to spend a lot to have a chic style. Also, picking a style inspiration (Pinterest, Instagram creator etc.) keeps you away from ‘what should I wear’.
  7. Jordon- Find the right basic pieces that you prefer and are comfortable in.
  8. Mersa- Know your body and wear what makes you feel good. Focus more on versatile clothing pieces that can be styled in many ways. Never forget to accessorize your outfits.
  9. Jane- Make classic shoes and bags that tend to stay in fashion for a long time your best friends.

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