How to look taller without heels

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You don’t have to wobble in sky-high heels just to look 3-4 inches taller when your outfit can do that without the pain. These petite girl tips may not add a few inches but they will surely give the illusion of a longer frame. Most importantly, your feet are going to love you for adapting these tips on how to look taller without heels.

Before listing these petite fashion tips: Wear clothes that fit your adorable body, makes you feel good and ignore any tip you don’t like or make you uncomfortable. I have also mentioned replacements in some of these tips.

Petite girl outfit tips on How to look taller without heels

Monochrome Outfits

A petite fashion blogger in front of pink background In an edgy monochrome all black look.

Style an outfit with clothing pieces of the same color –preferably in different shades and tints. If you’re very new to monochrome outfits, start with neutral colors. Full beige, all white, and all black are some of the super-popular combinations.

Tip: Match the color and shade of bottoms with shoes to appear taller.

High-rise bottoms

A petite fashion blogger in front of a peach background in a cropped denim jacket and high-rise jeans sharing how to look tall without heels.

This one you must have heard a lot of times. High waisted pants, jeans or skirts give an illusion of longer legs. Bootcut pants that touch the floor is perfect if you wanna go for high waisted pants to elongate your body.

TIP: go for flared, wide leg or bootcut pants instead of skinny fit as per major trends of 2022.

Straight and sleek

Straight skirts and dresses do the same thing long bootcut pants do; elongating the lower body. Opt for mid-rise or high-rise skirts.

Cropped Everything

Cropped tops make it look like your waist is much higher than it is in reality. This is remarkably true when it comes to cropped blazer or jackets, which are also one of the fall’s chicest trends this season.

Note: cropped is good but calf-length cropped bottoms like midi skirts and capris can make you look short.

petite fashion blogger in front of a peach background in a cropped pastel halter neck top and high-rise pants sharing how to look tall without heels.

Smaller Bags

I know this is not very convenient so feel free to ignore it if you have a lot of stuff… and you’re not wearing cargo pants.
A big bag on a small body overwhelm your frame and make you look even smaller than you are. Ditch the big bag minimalist trend.

TIP: Shoulder bags are both small; and the newest addition to the list of wardrobe basic that are here to stay.


V-shaped necklines give the illusion of a longer torso. Though this one is really easy, I have heard a lot of people say they don’t prefer v-necks. Now if you’re one of those people, you can always just go for turtleneck which does the same.

Pointed toe

I Know heels are the first thing recommended if you wanna look taller but this petite girl trick is not limited to heels. Pointed-toe shoes –heels or flats elongate your leg. Not to mention, pointy toe is one of all-time classics.

A fashion bloggers top view shot of outfit including pointy toe shoes, black women suit and houndstooth print workwear shirt sharing tips on how to look taller without heels.


Petite girls like you and me are advised against oversized clothing pieces when we wonder how to look taller. If you notice the site title, you can tell I couldn’t care less about this fashion rule. Especially if by just tucking the oversized top in high-waisted bottoms I can avoid looking tiny.

Here’s how you can style oversized sweaters!

Micro Prints

Busy prints might look the best option for statement outfits but when worn on a smaller frame, it makes the body appear smaller. Instead, try minimal prints like polka dots, simple floral or block prints. And if you want to go for a clothing piece with busy prints, pair it with a solid piece.

Skinny Clothes

This one is quite obvious. Skinny clothes tend to make you look taller. Here’s a cheat sheet trick with this tip- pair skinny bottoms with oversized tops and vice versa look the most flattering and elongating look.

Mini Hems

Mini skirts and dresses can make your legs look longer than they are. For this, you don’t have to wear the shortest skirts and dresses available. That will do the opposite of what you want it to do. Go for above the knee length hemlines.


Styling accessories gets hard when you have to make sure they are not making you look short. A lot of fashion bloggers/stylists recommend no belts for petite girls. But it’s pretty hard to avoid belts so I would say go for thinner ones, that won’t completely make you look cut off at the waist. If you do wanna go for winder ones, go for the one that matches the rest of your outfit.

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