How to accessorize an outfit with 2021 trends

Last Updated on 25/05/2022 by Rashi

When I initially started a fashion blog, I always wondered why my outfits always felt a bit incomplete. Even though I was incorporating the popular trends and constantly looking through #ootd and Pinterest to style polished outfits. What I wasn’t doing was adding a bit of my personality to my outfits – accessorizing my outfits. Unlike 2019 me, you are obviously aware of the importance of these final touches -because you are reading this blog post. So here’s how you can accessorize an outfit and add the final touches according to accessory trends of 2021.

Ways to accessorize an outfit

1. Adding a statement accessory

A POC fashion blogger wearing a checked vintage shirt with black mini skirt accessorize an outfit with a waist chain and pearl hair clips.

If you are a laid-back dresser or a complete newbie to styling accessory, statement accessories are perfect for you. Pieces like thick bold chains and quilted bags can instantly transform a basic outfit into a chic high fashion look. All you have to do is decide on a category of statement accessory -from footwear (chunky boots, strappy square-toe) to Jewellery (statement drop earrings, logo inspired). For this, you can either pick an accessory that either compliment your outfit or looks contrasting against it.

2. Monochrome accessorizing

The most stylish way to accessorize right now would be to style a monochrome outfit, an outfit in which all pieces are from one colour family. In an outfit centred around one colour, add accessories like a y2k shoulder bag or headband of the same colour. Feel free to play with different hues and shades, prints and patterns and textures.

4. Mixing and matching

Speaking of colours, prints and patterns, you can match and mix different accessories while accessorizing an outfit. The most trendy example would be pairing different pastel coloured accessories and clothing pieces together for a flirty and feminine outfit. If you have a bold style, try pairing contrast accessories together in an outfit. For example, a bright coloured handbag with a contrast floral printed scarf. You can also try the infamous styling trick of mixing metals!

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3. Layering dainty jewelry pieces

If you rather not go bold with accessorizing and prefer a minimalist silhouette, dainty jewellery is an easy way to accessorize an outfit. Whether your style leans more towards a delicate chain, coin necklaces or simple stacking rings, layering pieces of jewellery makes an outfit look polished and expensive.

5. Uncommon accessories

Another way of making your outfit stand out is to style it with non-traditional or simply uncommon accessories. Some examples would be corsets, harness, lingerie (worn over clothes like a corset), fishnets, embellished socks and collar clips.

6. Overaccessorizing

Gone are the times when fashion rules were to be followed. In 2021, no one cares about committing a fashion faux pas as long as you don’t look like a kid trying on their mom’s stuff. Besides, I swear to you extra accessories are always better than no accessories. Layer up your dainty necklaces and bold chains together. Add as many y2k hair accessories in your hair as you want. Wear stacks of rings and bracelets. And throw in sunglasses even in shade.

7. Proportions

While accessorizing an outfit, pay attention to the shape and silhouette it gives off. If you’re styling a voluminous piece like a puffy baby doll dress, make sure not to add a huge accessory like a big quilted bag. The combination might be iconic BUT, for an editorial. Instead, add dainty details like gold hoop earrings or a mini bag for balanced proportions. At the same time, if you’re styling a sleek slip dress, the quilted bag would be perfect.

Accessories trends of 2021

  • Updated pearls – The new and updated pearls are of irregular shapes rather than basic spheres. These pearls have become a necessity in lookbooks of all fashion icons.
  • Glasses – Up till now only shades were considered fashionable enough to be used as an accessory. However, with Academia aesthetic (dark, light, Romantica…) emerging as popular fashion inspiration, glasses have become a staple accessory.
  • Bucket hats – These Gen z’s favourite accessory is the cutest and most versatile trend at the moment if you ask me. They fit everyone’s style and aesthetic. Are you edgy? Do you have Soft girl aesthetic style? Prefer cozy aesthetic? And there are many ways to style a bucket hat.
  • Crushed metal – The best of minimal and unique jewellery is officially here. The uncommon texture is perfect for making an outfit look fancy, and the simplicity is ideal for dressing down for elegant occasions.
  • Cute face masks – Protection against a virus doesn’t have to ruin your look and aesthetic. Pastels coloured face masks in silky fabrics paired with pastel outfits are a perfect combination.
  • Clay rings – You probably do not use Instagram if you have never heard of them. Probably inspired by DIY trends, clay rings are major pieces of kid core/hobicore and indie aesthetic and are usually styled in stacks.
  • Baguette shoulder bag – Considering this trend is all over TikTok and Instagram, it just had to be on the list. These small and stylish bags are suitable for any occasion no matter what’s your style.
  • Quilted bags, shoes and hats – Puffy quilted accessories have taken over closets and Pinterest feeds of minimal lovers and no one’s complaining. They are super chic and way more practical than some of the accessories they have replaced in popularity (ex- tiny bags).
  • Beads – So we all know, colourful stacked beads are IT girls’ latest obsession. Whether you prefer layered or single delicate ones, it’s time to experiment.
  • Claw clips – Cozy style is becoming everybody’s pick and it’s time for no-fuss accessory to shine. Right now, the most effortless way to accessorize a trendy outfit would be using claw clips.