Guide to create a capsule wardrobe

You must have heard a fair amount of buzz about capsule wardrobe and how it’s beneficial, and now are wondering what is this fuss all about.

Let me help you ladies here a bit. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of 20-30 timeless pieces of clothing that all could ‘go together’. This is, so you can create many outfits without buying loads of clothing pieces and then thinking that you have nothing to wear.

Here is the formula of the perfect capsule wardrobe-

  1. Empty your closet. Get everything out of it, even the clothes you do not want to wear anymore or don’t wear anymore.
  2. Sort each clothing piece into 4 piles, love, maybe, nope or donate. You don’t need to collect trash just because they were important to you before.
  3. Give away the clothing that is in the category of nope or donate. It’ll create space for you to buy more.
  4. Pick a style according to your taste and what your closet (now) consists of. For example, if you mainly glamorous clothes like a silver skirt, dress with slit, sparkling shoe etcetera, consider a glam style. However, if you are more into pastel and colourful clothes, choose a feminine style.
  5. Choose a colour palette according to the style you chose.
  6. Add texture and prints that go well with your style and colour palette.
  7. Shop other clothes that you need for your capsule wardrobe and a few others that will just go along with the texture and prints you chose.
  8. Select shoes that will get along with your colour palette.
  9. Lastly, accessorize according to the clothes you have and your style.

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