22 gift ideas for your bestie

Last Updated on 22/06/2021 by Rashi

Doesn’t it feel great to gift your best friend a lovely gift for her birthday? Even if it’s not her birthday, giving her a gift without any occasion is the best idea to express your love to her. But if you are going for a box of chocolates, please stop right there.

Chocolates are heavenly stuff but don’t your soul sister deserves a better present after being there for you when you had your first break-up? Take my advice, hide that chocolate under your bed for night-cravings and check these gift ideas.


A nail art glitter box for home manicure.

Save your bestie a trip to nail salon with a set of nail arts and glitter. Nail wraps are also a great idea.


Notebooks and planner are going to be very handy for her in jotting down those spur of the moment ideas.


Gift her a lovely and cute watch that will help her so she would never be late for her work and will also look trendy.


A makeup palette is something that most of the ladies can’t decline. Gift her one from her favourite brand and give each other a lovely makeover!


Another idea is to gift her an artist’s album that you both adore. Your best friend will love it! I mean who doesn’t love music, right?


A lovely classic looking handbag is a must-have in any closet. Your bestie is definitely going to admire your choice.


Chic plain Flatlay consisting Airpods.

Gift your tunes lovin’ girl earbuds that are going to remind her of you in every track she listens to.


Vacation picture consisting books, sunnies and beach.

A set of three good books is better than 30 bundles of money. This is what I believe.


Scented candles for a self care day.

Listing scented candle and smelling its delicious fragrance is a kind of comforting feeling that your best friend will love after a tough day.


A cute and fluffy bear is going to make your best friend’s night way easier and comforting while dodging the monster under the bed.


What’s better than a photo album consisting of images of two soul sisters? A lovely gift that will always keep your friendship forever alive.


Gift her some amazing art supplies and paint your dreams together! Not only it’s a great gift but also it’ll also create happy memories.


Gifting her some trendy sunglasses is a really great idea as it is going to protect her eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.


Blankets maybe a very random gift but it’s certainly a warm gift that will help you both enjoy a movie marathon! I definitely recommend the Twilight series!


Fur slides like the one above are going to give her feet all the comfort that she needs. They work even better in winters.


Cushions with some cute pillowcases is a unique idea of gifting. It’s simple yet a nice gift.


What’s cosier than a cute sweater? It’s not only a great gift but also warm. Your bestie can also style a sweater and look fab!


Gift her a pretty and chic bralette like the one above. It’s too good to not like! She is going to love it and I can assure you this.


Gift her a pretty tee and get a matching one for yourself! Walk on the streets wearing matching shirts and snap more pictures!


Your bestie will love the idea of getting a cute or artsy phone case. Take my advice and get her one without thinking!


A minimalistic chained charm bracelet.

Who else remember those charm bracelets that you and your best friend used to wear back when you were kids? Time to revive it again!


A lovely dress is one of the best ideas to gift a girl. Go give her a pretty one and look at the joy on her face.

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