Super six favourite Blogs

No one in this planet lives perfect, peacefully and without any problems. You, me and we all need advice and inspirations in our lives whether it is of fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty or anything. If you ask me, the best way to get inspired or have some advice is through blogs. They are like a piece of writing that can serve us as a key to open the right door.

I picked some of my favourite blogs out of many because I know my boss ladies don’t have the whole day to check out hundreds of blogs. To be honest it was quite a challenge for me to pick out only a few but I did manage to anyway.

So here are few of my favourite bloggers/blogs that are influencing my life.


screenshot_2018-07-14-14-38-03.pngSincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules is a blog by Julie Sariñana, one of the top international fashion and lifestyle influencer. She creates beauty full content which really inspires me to do my best. Her blog posts are really attractive and have everything that attracts the audience.



Claudia Graziano

Claudia is one of my ultimate favourite bloggers. She is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger. Her content is amazing and her blog posts have a unique sense. Her blog is really helpful and just the kind of inspiration you should go for.



The Pink Diary

Sharon is a lovely blogger whose blogs represents anyone who loves to live in colours! Her blog the pink diary is a lifestyle blog documenting her personal style, travel, eats and inspirations. The pink diary is the best recommendation if you are looking for a blog full of inspiration.



Emma Rose

Emma is a beauty, health, lifestyle, fashion, travel and fitness blogger. Her blog post is as pretty as her and they have great content. Her blog is way different than the others and I can assure all of you that her blog is worth your time. Emma’s blog is really great and is a great recommendation if you are looking for an ideal blog.



Lisa Homsy

Lisa is an inspirational travel and lifestyle blogger with a deep passion for travelling and photography, which is why her blog has the best quality pictures. Her content is really colourful and lovely that attracts our eyes. She is the best recommendation for travelling and lifestyle tips and ideas.



Jillian Harris

One can find inspiration for fashion, food, fitness, decor, life gossip and can even shop all Jillian’s favourites! Jillian is a great mother as well as a brilliant blogger. Her blogs have a fresh look and her advice her really helpful. Jillian is just the kind of influence you would want in your life!



The Art Of Living West

Karly Ryan has a photo journal of travel, lifestyle and musings and her content is flawless. The content of her blog posts are beautifully descriptive and are very good. Her blog has a sense of freshness if you look at a glance. Karly is an incredible blogger and is a pure diva!

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