How I switched from meme accounts to fashion Instagrammers for good

A Flatlay showing Instagram account

– By unfollowing a bunch of meme accounts and following Instagrammers with eye-pleasing ootds? What is to see here?

I mean you’re not wrong… but there’s always an exaggerated version which would hurt no one. Right?

Some months ago, I always struggled, keeping my eyeballs glued to the blank space where I’m supposed to be writing a blog post for LFOT. Since I was a newbie in blog biz, I struggled writing something that wasn’t fictional and would soon get bored. My wicked fingers would go and tap that beautiful Instagram logo and a little later, I would be in the pit full of memes of Riverdale and Marvel.

Yeah, real productive move.

Due to this habit of mine, instead of posting more as any smart newbie blogger would, I posted so less than the minimum time period between each blog post was of 2 months!

Let me also tell you that because of no consistency, my statistics were empty, there was no engagement, LFOT looked ghostly and I was even thinking of erasing the whole site!

To make my days a little productive, I could have just blocked Instagram for a limited time through apps like stay focused etc but I knew that I’d go back and unblock it. Which is why I made a goal of unfollowing at least one meme account (and other accounts that kept me distracting) each day. To balance that, I’d follow at least one influential Instagrammer each day.

After 2 weeks or so, whenever I would go to Instagram, my feed only consisted of people who inspired me ( like Tori’s Posh Girls Club ) This resulted in a return trip back to that blank space to write at least one paragraph.

Thanks to this method, my heart didn’t shatter at once and neither did my blog suffered.

100% recommend it!

Now, I don’t remember who those Instagrammers were, but I definitely remember some of my favourite fashion Instagrammers right now.

Micah Gianneli

Stunning Micah Gianneli posing for street style.

Natasha Rinis

Aesthetically pleasing picture of Natasha in a beautiful garden.

Annabelle Fleur

Annabelle Fleur, owner of Viva luxury blog posing for street style.

Ally Chen

Ally, an asian youtuber with best style inspirations.

Sara Viktorie

Sara, a blogger posing for street style outfit inspo.

Lisa Villemaire

A Parisian woman going for street style.


A young lady sitting in a poised way.


A blogger wearing polished and chic work wear.


Rachel-lee, a YouTuber with the best style.

Freddy Cousin-Brown

Freddy, a stunning blogger posing for her ootds.

Those were my favourite fashion influencers/bloggers/YouTubers on Instagram and I would love to know yours! Mention them in the comments section. And if you know someone who could use this tip, be a good friend!


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  1. Brilliant post! I loved it and I’ve now followed some of your favourite fashion bloggers who look like they have great style!πŸ’“ Thank you so much for including me! Xx

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