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12 fashion series and kdrama to watch right now

Last Updated on 25/06/2022 by Rashi

 Are you scrolling past different genres, series and movies to look for something to binge on at 3 am, pretending that the incomplete spreadsheets or assignments do not exist? Because same. Except I’m looking for series with good ass fashion.

Anyway, here is what you came for.

Fashion series and kdramas

1. Bridgerton

Bridgerton stole our hearts with its dramatic characters and scandals, but what had us smitten was the dazzling wardrobe. The impressive wardrobes of ‘s ladies were filled with gowns encrusted in diamonds, blouses with ruffled detailing, silk sashes and bows. In other words, the costumes are every soft girl/royal core aesthetic lover’s dream.

2. Emily in Paris

If you’re not into elaborate dresses and sheer ribbons or scandals and rather prefer experimental outfits and French lookbook, this one is for you. If the storyline doesn’t get you hooked, swoon-worthy outfits worn by Lily Collins definitely will. I do hope you don’t mind french stereotypes, some cringy moments and mismatches though.

3. Hotel Del Luna

I remember reading the summary that it’s about spirits and stuff –not something I usually watch but this year I came across its trailer and I couldn’t take my eyes off (IU) Jang Man wol’s chic outfits! This one’s definitely for you if you’re into bold and sophisticated looks, a very engaging story, a moody hotel owner who has her priorities sorted (food, champagne, jewellery and outfits) and maybe…ghosts?

4. Crash landing on you

Okay, I’m sure you live under a rock if you haven’t heard of this one,. The whole internet fell in love with the outfits worn by the main character Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-Jin) when the drama came out. If your Netflix watch history has romantic movies or series, I can guarantee you would certainly love Crash Landing On You. Even if you’re not into Romance, I am sure you can tolerate a little for striking, bold and chic looks of Se-ri.

5. The collection

Who doesn’t love drama taken place in post-war France? Since the series revolves around designer brothers and fashion house, it is filled with chic and dreamy vintage dresses. Moreover, the dark academia vibes of this series make it definitely worth the watch.

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6. Search: WWW

I have yet to watch this one so if you do, dm me on my gram and tell me how it was so I can drop everything to binge.

It is about three fierce and professional women in a competitive webtoons industry. And the main characters of a kdrama in business obviously means impressive workplace fashion. Perfectly tailored, super-stylish yet functional fashion of this show even has web pages to particularly clothing!

7. The duchess

From feathered pyjamas to vibrant tulle skirts, Katherine Ryan, our single mother/businesswoman has a flamboyant style and her wardrobe is just like her, bold. From her ‘meet the ex’ to ‘school run’ fashion moments, you won’t regret binging this one.

9. Gossip Girl

Now, how can we forget the OG among all these fashion series and dramas? The outfits worn by our favourite characters are as trendy as the others in this list with the comeback of many old trends! The schooling parts in seasons have some super cute light academia outfits! Honestly, it’s hard not to drool over chic fits scattered all over the six seasons.

8. It’s okay to not be okay

One question. Do you like bold main characters in jaw-dropping outfits that give wardrobe envy?

Ko Moon-Young (Seo Ye-Ji) is a children’s book author with a lack of empathy due to a traumatic childhood and she guards herself well with her vibrant and runway-worthy outfits. If you’re a fashion lover, ‘leather corset paired with ruffled layered shirt dress’ should be undoubtedly enough to get you hooked.

10. Dynasty

Fallon, the bold and business savvy heiress of Blake, grew up drenched in the lifestyle of the 1% and thus has a versatile Gucci approach to getting dressed. Trust me you don’t wanna miss the Carringtons getting out of scandals in their polished outfits.

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