Best Fashion Gift Guide For Christmas

Last Updated on 16/04/2021 by Rashi

It’s the joyous season again! That time of year to surround yourself with family and friends, spend hours decorating the tree, arguing about what Christmas movie to watch, accidentally eating too many goodies and oh! How can we forget? That late Christmas shopping panic and then regretting it because it made you buy two size big shoes and art supplies for football lovers.

Every year you think it won’t happen this time because I have a lot of time but somehow that time flies to chilly air and you face the situation. Again.

Let’s all agree that this situation is neither rare nor the main problem. What affects your gift choices is that panic that builds up in you.

LFOT is here so you don’t face this situation with panic this year. This, by some fashion gift suggestions categorised in groups of- Men and Women

For women

1. A pair of ugg boots

2. A handbag


3. Pyjamas

4. Bralette

5. A shirt of their fandom

A DC fandom tee shirt for women.

6. A trench coat

A classy trenchcoat and for shopping day.

7. A scarf

9. A pair of chic boots

Black knee high length ankle boots for fall fashion.

10. Beautiful necklaces

For men

1. A watch

Stylish black men's watch

2. A hoodie

3. A pair of dress shoes

4. Seasonal Sweater

5. Sweatshirt

6. Some shades

8. Classic belt

9. Sneakers

10. A gift card of their favourite clothing store.

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