Slow fashion, low impact, coming soon

Have you ever heard of Arcadia the label?

You will soon, believe it or not.

Arcadia, launching at the wake of the period when the world at large is finally realising that there is no planet B, supports Mother Earth and is a vision of unspoiled wilderness.

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“Let’s say no to fast fashion and yes to slow sustainable fashion,” says Bronte May, owner of Arcadia the label and also a mother of two.

Arcadia, hoping to launch at 1st of May, in-ties with nature, uses only sustainable fabrics and materials that can go straight to the compost after long worn years. It creates less waste and timeless maintainable pieces that you can wear with a clear conscience.

How does it support nature?

I would love to inform you all, a big part of this label that I admire is that it provides clothing with a purpose, a donation is made with every purchase and Bronte is hoping to do so much more than just that in the future.

Apart from this reason, I am also in huge favour of the natural products of Arcadia! From wooden buttons to freshwater pearls! The materials are either taken from nature or recycled from waste! If you are wearing clothes from Arcadia, you won’t be wearing out the world, I can tell you that πŸ˜‰

Now, personally, when I came across the label, the first thing that occupied my mind was the aesthetically pleasing visuals of the label’s Instagram handle, which lured me in, to click the link in their bio, allowing me the site of the equally pleasing eco-friendly website of Arcadia.

Be a part of the purpose!

Everyone is looking for suggestions to improve in this world and so is Arcadia. Therefore, if you think you have some ways regarding sustainable fashion and long-lasting fabrics, contact them here and get featured in their blog!

I really hope you take part in the purpose to serve mother earth! Also! Comment down below other sustainable fashion labels that you want others to know about!

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