easy brunch outfits with best of 2022 trends

Last Updated on 30/05/2022 by Rashi

An assortment of cheeses, salad, vegetables, and sweets laid out on a gingham blanket for picnic brunch, or iced coffee, waffles, and pancake tacos for a brunch in a café with girlies. Here are 12 Instagram-worthy outfits to go with your aesthetic brunch- that are not just cute but also super easy to style!

1. Chic brunch outfits with blazers (crop Vs Oversized)

Spring and summer 2022 trends are crop-crazy but also lean towards relaxed and oversized fits. So who wins?


It either depends on your style or your mood for the day. Or both. If you prefer trendy and modern cuts or just wanna dip your toes in a new gossip-girl-inspired style, choose a cropped blazer. Wear it with slouchy slacks and a turtleneck for a casual look.

menswear inspired


2. Sporty chic

If you keep up with the latest trends, you know athletic shorts are no longer gym-only. Pair yours with sleek mules or slides, and crop blazer as a top for a comfy summer brunch outfit.

You can style other sporty pieces like tennis skirts, polos, track jackets, and track pants. After a successful run in 2021, sporty pieces will be dominating 2022 too. Think sculptural tracksuits, ballooning strapless tops, tennis whites, logo waistbands and prints, and stirrup-inspired pants. Yep, many 80s trends-inspired pieces gonna show up (not just sporty).

3. Bustier

The easiest way to look on top of trends and polished? A corset or corseted top/dress. If you’re headed somewhere fancy but don’t wanna pull out a night-out dress, a bustier is a great way to elevate any look.

4. Brunch outfits or runway, accessorizing is the key

Add accessories like thick bold chains and quilted bags to instantly transform a basic outfit into a casual-chic high-fashion look. Layer up dainty chains and stack up rings.

They are more accessory options than just jewelry, bag and shoes-

  • socks
  • scarf- most versatile items in any wardrobe. Amp up the ’70s vibes—or just hide a bad hair day—by tying one around your head.
  • Rectangular, tinted sunglasses
  • beltbag
  • big hair clips, headbands
  • corset over top/dress
A style blogger wearing a groovy pattern retro jacket with red v neck blouse and white jeans for a brunch outfits.

5. Leather pants

brunch outfits with a beige knit top and black leather pants.

A knit top and leather pants are the ‘IT’ girl combo you don’t wanna miss. I definitely couldn’t!

The most TikTok-friendly trendy piece for this year is relaxed leather pants. Super-versatile to be paired with just whatever and still looks polished.

6. Cool girl pants

Groovy pattern, 70s swirls, bold and big floral prints… haven’t you seen wild prints like these gracing pants worn by Cool girls on IG?

There’s a reason why they are so trendy among IG outfits. When paired with the right pieces, it elevates the most basic outfits into high-fashion brunch-appropriate.

If you’re not a fan of bold looks, style pastel outfits with lighter hues and minimal prints.

6. Cottagecore outfits and mules for brunch

So you don’t prefer bold fits or just love romantic styles these days. The cottagecore era got you!

Just pick pretty vintage-looking dress with details like- sheer fabric, pearls, large collars, puffy sleeves, square neck, ruffled edges, corset-like structure or milk-maid dress structure. And pair them with elegant mules. You can also style sweet accessories like pearl jewelry, gloves, ribbons or headbands.

7. Clashing prints

For bold brunch outfits in 2022-

step 1. think of 70s swirls, checkerboard, geometrical prints, tie-dye in bright colors, groovy pattern, marble print, polka dots, leopard print, plaid and florals (that are always in).

step 2. take inspiration from OG Prada and Gucci (or Pinterest) and match different patterns-prints together. For example, polka dot print top with minimal tie-dye print skirt in similar colors.

step 3. break it up with a solid color in between or just adding a solid color to make it look cleaner.

step 4. add in some accessories if you want and take ootd shots!

7. Light academia

Whether you prefer to style oversized button-ups or skin-fit cardigans with pleated skirts, light academia aesthetic-inspired outfits are not just for museum visits.

With skin-fit ribbed crop tops, try structured and loose trousers with reading glasses to maintain the academic charm. Or if you prefer oversized pieces like chunky cardigans or sweaters, you can wear them with knit dresses or pleated skirts to look brunch-ready and trendy!

a light academia aesthetic brunch outfits with a white light sweater and pastel purple dress.

9. Cardigan and miniskirt

Paired with chic slippers, boots, or pumps (platforms, chunky or uniquely-sleek, obviously). And you have THE brunch outfit combo.

10. Classic blazer and jeans combo

When you search brunch outfits, most results have this combo. Because it’s perfect for brunches. Looks boring for 2022, but it is perfect.

Though instead of fitted millennial jackets, try super cropped or oversized ones. Also swap the skinny jeans with something loose -like straight leg.

brunch outfits idea with beige blazer, puffy bag, grey tank and blue jeans

11. brunch outfits with Lwd

The most stylish clothing you can wear temperature isn’t low is LWD. It’s effortless, minimal, and as long as you pick smth trendy (like a polo dress) you’re good. And chic!

Little white knit or ribbed dresses are minimal enough for casual cafe meet-ups. But the ones with frills can easily be dressed up with accessories for fancier brunches. Or if you like being overdressed.

an all white brunch outfits ideas with a fringe tier little white dress, white and beige bag.

12. tweed

What’s chicer, brunch-appropriate, and fashionable than a tweed suit? Whether you prefer tailored skirt suits or cropped and asymmetrical cami and jacket set, it’s one of the all-time best outfit ideas!

You can also just use a tweed jacket over a basic outfit as a topper- it adds chicness to ANY outfit. You can also go easy on your brain and just go for a tweed dress.