Easy 80s aesthetic Outfits You Need in 2022

Last Updated on 08/08/2022 by Rashi

After a year with loungewear as outfits, I get why we all are loving y2k aesthetic and 80s inspired bold trends. Trust me, you’re not the only one who obsess over cassettes and camera reels and everything 1980s. Designers felt the same way for pre-fall collections. Valentino, Balmain, and Chanel – all putting their own touch on prim ’80s style with shoulder pads, bright colors, brooches, and big hair.

You know what that means! 2022 trends are going to be very 1980s vibe!

And these are the aesthetic outfits inspired by the 80s trends

Shoulder padded blazer

Before we go into the more maximalist trends of 80s aesthetic, here is something to style outfits without much effort. And that too, the hero of 80s fashion!

Try the IT GIRL combo of padded cropped blazer and ruched polo dress. If you prefer your fits less dramatic, go for 80s famous oversized padded blazers. To add more main character energy you can throw in tinted sunglasses (major 2022 spring/summer trend).

Black Lace

Lace was everywhere in the 1980s -fingerless gloves, frilly shirts, headbands, and even lace tights. The chic and sexy sheer lace outfits inspired by 80s pop stars were a craze among teens and people in their twenties.

If it looks too daunting to style sheer black lace pieces, you can just go for gloves, tights, scarves for instant drama in your outfits.

Plaids and monochromes

It’s been 30 years and Heathers iconic looks still stand as one of the best inspos for preppy fashion. Classic boxy plaid blazers, pleated skirts styled in matching outfits with prissy socks, and bows, Heathers is a great inspiration for sure. Plaid was a major trend that also continued into outfits in the 90s (remember Cher Horowitz and her plaid yellow suit?)

Fur Trimmings

Not sure if you know but the 80s glam was filled with extravagant outfits and maximalist aesthetic. For example, Fur. Clubs and events always had fur eveningwear and outerwear or at least fur details.

You can go for full faux fur pieces if you’re confident, but I recommend starting small with Instagram-famous fur trimming ribbed tops and long coats.

Stirrup Leggings

One of the most unique trends of the 1980s was stirrup leggings with aerobics becoming fashionable.

Instead of styling it with other workout clothes like leotards or the classic off-the-shoulder sweater, like back then, we’ll pair them with asymmetrical cut-out tops, oversized blazers (padded ofc), and ribbed pieces. If you know how to style leggings, you know how to style stirrup leggings.

Leg Warmers

Another unique trend of the 80s inspired by aerobics that is making its way to IG aesthetic outfits is leg warmers.

It looks hard to style but let. me. show. you.

So, mini hemlines, crop cardigans, oversized sweaters, leather jackets, bucket hats, chunky boots, and tennis skirts. Note it down!

Leather to reminisce glam rock

Moto leather jacket may be too outdated right now but instead, you have- more versatile and more 80s, oversized leather blazer and relaxed leather pants. Not only can they be paired with whatever but they always add chicness to outfits.


I don’t think I have to share much about polos considering they are EVERYWHERE and styled with almost EVERYTHING. The polos of 2020-22 mostly have ribbed structure, but they will still give off an 80s aesthetic when outfits are styled with other 80s-inspired pieces. You can pair a polo under a sweater with a plaid pleated skirt and thigh-high socks for a cute 1980s academia look.

outfit idea for 80s inspired glam rock with leather pants, polo t shirt and black coat jacket in a chic aesthetic


As a lover of fashionable fads of the 80s, you’d be glad to hear that velvet is returning in winter 2022!

This luxe-looking material went away for a bit but now it’ll be back with modern tailoring and a trendy look. Spring isn’t even here yet, so you have plenty of time to look for velvet clothes that suit your taste.


Even though they never really truly went away, sequins, the 80s inspired glam trend is back to add bling to your outfits. They were first picks for evening wear and special events but for 2022, expect them in casual pieces too. Kinda like a remix for bolder looks.


This one’s perfect if you’ve been inspired by the 80s bling but also want to maintain current trends visible in your outfits. For 2022, you can style metallic crop tops, chunky boots, quilted bags, bucket hats, and mini skirts. Oh and don’t just stick with silver and gold!

a style blogger wearing metallic silver skirt with grey satin top for 80s aesthetic outfit to wear in 2022

Chunky Belts

One of the easiest ways to add 80s aesthetic to outfits is to add a chunky and layered gold belt over your bottom. If you’re wearing jeans or something with belt loops, don’t put the belt through the loops.

a fashion blogger from india wearing a neutral beige and white outfits in 80s aesthetic with waist chain, denim and beige button-up

IT Prints of the 80s

  • Polka dots: Not on outdated blouses but alt tights, modern fit midis and on sheer fabric.
  • Stripes
  • Leopard print: Yep time to revisit the sexy print.
  • Paisley
  • Color blocking