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How to create the perfect 90’s wardrobe

Last Updated on 16/04/2021 by Rashi

Just like one can just watch the sun rising after a dark starry night whether they like day or night, you can love ’em, hate ’em or ignore ’em (which is pretty hard to do). The 90’s fashion trends are rising from the dead with a huge comeback!

I might not have born in the ’90s but I’m all about Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Cher Horwitz, more than willing to live in such a great era. To get my kind of style, I love mix-matching retro style clothing pieces with vintage ones. It could be black platform sneakers with white high waist jeans and blush pink tee.
Easy to say I am a big believer of old trends returning in a more dramatic, fun, chic and glamorous way.

So pop some Michael Jackson and read on to create your perfect wardrobe for the comeback of the ’90s fashion.

Plaid Everything!

Grunge fashion with plaids and doc martens.

Want to rock grunge fashion? Wear a plaid flannel over edgy and black overalls. More girly? Pastel plaid skirt with a cute crop top. Not working? Try tieing a plaid shirt over baggy jeans and neon crop top for hip hop look.

Slip dresses or Cami dresses

A two-piece slip dress inspired by 90s fashion.

This style of clothing is my personal favourite of all time! Such a lovely street style outfit to turn heads when you walk past people. All you need is a cami or slip dress and tee to wear underneath. OR you can wear a lacy cami dress with a plain dress like the one above.

Denim miniskirts

Polka dots paired with mini denim skirt.

Denim skirts are one of the most trendy clothing pieces right now. They can be paired with almost everything and looks absolutely adorable on everyone. It would hurt no one to keep one in your wardrobe, right?


A black scrunchy in a breakfast Flatlay.

Now that the scrunchies are coming back from the graveyard, I am really excited to see what 2019 brings. Scrunchies laden with pearls? Layered with sequins? Covered with faux fur? It also doesn’t matter what the occasion is to wear them. Pop a black leather one in a tight bun for a formal look.

Cute crop tops

A Flatlay consisting crop top and high waist jeans.

A cute crop top paired with high waisted jeans can never let you down. The fact that they have a history just doubles your reason to keep them. Besides, what 90’s wardrobe does not consist of crop tops?


The one presented above is 90s chic meets today’s trends kind of look. I love the combination and the fact that it looks put together but casual at the same time. For a vintage 90s fashion style, according to me, a velvet coat is a must-have.

Animal Prints

Leopard print scarf adorned by a beautiful asian.

Wearing real skins might be a little too back but animal prints are so 90’s! They just deserve to be in your wardrobe. Not only they can add an edge to any look but they will also make you feel more confident. Try me.

Bomber jackets

A black bomber jacket paired with dusty pink sweater.

No one can say no to this sick jacket, right? Us, women will always rock, even in men dominated areas. I mean men don’t wear high heels but we took take cues from their clothing styles and adapted bomber jackets. How cool is that?

Denim romper

A black denim overalls in an outfit Flatlay.

What is better than a romper? A denim one of course! Denim romper looks so casual and effortless but still feel quite dressed up. One cannot create a perfect 90’s wardrobe without this absolute must-have.

Platform heels

Black platform grunge shoes from 90's.

Heels are a woman’s frenemies since they are known for being uncomfortable. Platform heels though are not only comfortable (to some extent) but extremely stylish as well. Pair them with a slip dress outfit for perfect 90’s street style.

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