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Style all-black outfit in the chicest way possible

I own too much black.

~Said no one ever

Black is elegant and chic; it gives a refined touch to every outfit. I’ve loved black probably since I learned how to spell the colours’ name. I can’t even count how many black clothing pieces I exactly own.

But all black? My initial reaction on the combination was somewhat the same as my first opinion on the just-released movie at that time, Conjuring 2. Scary, too dark, too intimidating, perhaps with a boring storyline and all over something, that I can’t be bothered to check out no matter how much excitement it was creating.

“Basic buzz for a basic movie sequel.” Was my response towards people sharing squeals over Facebook, pumped up for the movie.

Styling business chic; belted blazer with black denim.

For those who are not quite into my dramatic tales, all-black outfit combination was something that I never gave much thought to.

That is until this year.

Usually, I would just pretend all-black doesn’t even exist but despite the fact that I was completely uninterested in dressing all-black, my curiosity lured me in when I saw all-black outfits, all over the internet more than I expected to.

So I experimented all-black.

That’s when I realized- ‘Holy cow! I was sleeping on something so incredible!’. To say, I am now obsessed with the combination is a complete understatement.

Sure, in my first few try-outs, I looked like I was headed to a funeral. And on top of that, I got way too many strange looks, as if I was raining on people’s bright days. But that cannot stop me from welcoming all-black combination with open arms to grace my life.

But pulling all-black off is not a piece of cake. Even one piece of clothing or accessory can transform your look from chic to she’s headed to a funeral.

All-black chic outfit idea with black fur heels, blazer and jeans.

  • Fabrics and textures

    Nothing looks more blank than a black cotton blouse paired with black cotton pants and a black cotton scarf. Play with different fabrics and structures. Mix cashmere with leather, silk with fur- just whatever that scares boredom away from your outfit!

  • Fitted and flattered

    You can’t expect to look chic while you are dressed like a shapeless creature from Mars drowned in all different sizes of clothes. Opt for tailored pieces that make you look both polished and put together.

  • Hint of colour

    Fashion is a bit twisted. An all-black outfit combination can be mundane if it’s literally all-black. Just sprinkle a hint of colour or throw in a pop of print to break the solid colour. Like adding a leopard print belt or carrying a cherry red handbag.

  • Exercise? More like accessorize

    Belted blazer accessorized with a gold bracelet; outfit details

    I have mentioned it quite a few times now, any outfit is incomplete without accessories. And an all-black outfit is no exception. In fact, this combination more than any other would-be utterly boring without accessories. To help you Jess has affordable accessories that will instantly make your outfit better

  • Structure and proportion

    Always balance out your silhouette when you wear only one colour. Break the proportion and add more structure in any way possible. For example, if the main piece of your outfit is an oversized sweater, try pairing skinny jeans/pants with it to create a structured proportion.

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What are your thoughts on all-black outfit combinations? If you are one of those who scrolled all the way here, pay attention to structure, accessories, fitting and fabrics and if you want, you can add a little hint of colour while styling all-black.


Ps: I still haven’t watched Conjuring 2. If you have, tell me if it’s worth a shot!

Styling all-black outfit in a chic way.

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