Trendy fall outfit ideas you need to try

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The warm weather is finally taking its leave and denim jackets and cardigans are taking over the streets. And by streets, I obviously mean #ootd shots taken on streets. You don’t have to pass the fashion season with fall fashion ruling social media because of a pandemic. Here are the popular and chic fall outfit ideas of 2020 you wouldn’t wanna miss.

Chic and trendy fall outfit ideas in 2020

Preppy sweater style

Y2k chic and preppy sweater style as fall and winter outfit idea in 2020

Preppy sweater style, that is the super trendy y2k style you are seeing everywhere. Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest. The chic academia is not just trendy but it consists of all timeless pieces. If you ask me, this is one of the best winter outfit ideas with skirts.

Preppy sweater y2k style to try in fall and winter 2020 for a chic outfit

Neutral tones

Neutral tones especially beige and grey shades are super trendy. Dark Academia is undoubtedly THE aesthetic for colder months. So dark and neutral tones are everyone’s chic preference this fall for styling a monochrome outfit (especially when you’re running out of ideas).

Cropped blazer

Last season slouchy or oversized blazer was every fashion enthusiast’s first chic pick, but fashion-forward cropped blazers are replacing them this season.

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Checked prints

Easy to style? Check. Are effortlessly chic? Check (obviously…). Also, dominating print trend of the season? Check!
If you are into basic looks, you should go for the infamous checked blazer. Classic checked pants also work. However, if you prefer girly looks, tennis skirts are very popular with the preppy sweater style.

Puffy sleeves

From balloon to Juliet to leg-of-mutton-sleeve, there are so many to choose from! Blouses paired with midi skirts are one of the best winter outfits ideas for going out. Speaking of midi skirts, knit ones are particularly more popular. Leather ones are also pretty trendy.


last year Pistachio was all rage in fall, but this year it butter-yellow and ice blue, specifically. You can either pick a single color to go monochrome or mix and match different pastel colors!

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Sweater vests

Surprisingly, this grandpa closet essential is a huge trend this year. This one is best for you if it doesn’t get that cold in winter where you live. However, if it does get cold, you can still wear it with layers.

Skirt suit

Skirt suits or knit sets are trends that are not dying down any time soon. They are also as comfy as trusty sweatpants but look twice as chic. I really don’t see a single reason why someone would say no?

Chunky cardigan


Since we accepted grandpa closet essential (sweater vest) as a trend, it would be unfair not to accept grandma’s version. Now, raise your hand if you plan cute outfits but then get too lazy to wear them! (Guilty) This super chic trend is easy to style as well as very comfy.

Chunky boots

Chunky boots are the most popular shoes this year, probably because it fits well with most aesthetics. Though these trendy shoes are not chic™, they can be styled with other chic pieces very well. However, If chunky boots are not your style, try loafers.

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