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Beginners guide to online shopping of cloths

The fresh smell of leather boots, that feeling of super slippery silk dress on your fingertips, the soft material of shirt against your skin- they are calling you again! You know when it’s just the time to shop! Adding more to it, wouldn’t it be lovely if these goodies come to you and not the other way around?

First of all let’s just thank the person who first thought of starting an online shopping business, because believe it or not there’s always a tiny bit of lazy snail inside all of us. If you take me as an example, that tiny bit won’t even exist. The first thing that crosses my mind when I hear the word ‘shopping’ is my wishlist saved on my phone. You can guess how occasionally I shop at stores.

Online shopping for clothes does not only save energy and fuel but it also makes things quicker and let us save a ton of time. Besides no matter how cool it seems on the movies and TV shows to move around with loads of bags, let us all agree that walking like that to your car is like fighting in a zombie apocalypse.

Here are some things to notice before buying any clothing-

  1. Price- It’s very important to judge whether the price mentioned for the product is proportional to the material mentioned. Price determines the quality of the product so never ignore it. A very cheap product can have a very cheap quality. So always look for an alternate in the middle of expensive and cheap.
  2. Shipping date- So the shipping date doesn’t matter if you don’t want the clothing for an event but if you do, always make sure that you see the estimated date of delivery before placing an order.
  3. Material- It is one of the most important factors to look for before buying anything. If you have chosen a highly recommended website, the clothing piece will be of the material mentioned. There are only a few rare times when the material mentioned is not the exact material the clothing is made of, so you can rely on popular websites.
  4. Size- It’s obvious that you will buy your usual size, this isn’t new?! That’s when you are wrong. Not every clothing measures 70 cm on the waist if it says it’s a medium. All stores, brands and websites are different and so there are size chart provided on the website for the clothing. I would like to give a piece of advice and tell you to buy a measuring tape. Saving a little money on a measuring tape and wasting loads on return shipping is definitely not a smart move.
  5. Colour- One thing to always keep in mind is that the clothing may not be as shiny as it appears in the picture- it most likely not. The shade may also differ a bit but there won’t be a drastic difference. In my experiences, the colour of the clothing has always reached my satisfactory level.
  6. Reviews- Read reviews. I repeat READ REVIEWS. Before placing an order, be sure to check the reviews because the clothing might be very thin or even see through, you never know.

Tricks to try while online shopping-

  1. Follow your favourite websites, brands and stores on social media to know about discounts, coupon codes and sales.
  2. Use as many coupons as you can.
  3. Some stores or websites give you points for shopping or giving reviews (for example- ). Tune in to various websites for that.
  4. Use filters to get exactly what you want, be it colour, style, pattern or sleeve.
  5. Stick to the sites and stores that your familiar with or those who are highly rated.
  6. Set reminders for huge upcoming sale to get notified just before the sale.
  7. Fill your cart with clothing pieces you like. You are most likely to get notified when they are on sale or are about to be sold out.
  8. Download the apps (if available) of your favourite shopping websites to reach out for sale.
  9. Set reminders on days before the days when your coupons are going to expire.

Pro tips!

  • Collect coupons and use many coupons at one time while buying many clothing pieces.
  • Contact or ask via FAQ for coupon codes and alternate if your previous one has expired. They will most likely benefit you for the sake of marketing.
  • Buy off-season clothes to get a discount! Example- buy a comfy sweater when it’s summer because it will have less demand and thus, less price.

Now go online shopping while feeling like a boss!

“Because when I shop, the world gets better” ~Rebecca Bloomwood from the movie Confession of a Shopaholic

Happy shopping, everyone!

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