All white outfits: casual looks to style right now

Last Updated on 16/07/2022 by Rashi

Whether you’re stuck in a heatwave looking forward to fall’s comforting air, or lucky enough to be already transitioning from summer baby tees to ribbed pieces perfect for fall. All white is a monochrome combo you need to try while styling casual outfits!

This effortlessly chic styling is the easiest way to beat the “I don’t have anything to wear” syndrome. And the fact that matching and monochrome fits are soo trendy?! Your IG feed and closet are going to love these casual all-white outfits.😌

18 Casual All-White Outfit Ideas to style

1. Oversized button-up = first fall layer

Layering and summer may not go together but a button-up goes with every season.

A fashion blogger in all white casual outfit wearing a white sports tank with marble print skirt, layered with an oversized button-up shirt.

2. Matching separates

Not only matching sets are the easiest way to style trendy outfits, but they are also very versatile. Especially since we’re talking about white, the pieces can easily be styled as separates.

3. Pop of pastel

Start by styling all-white outfits, then add a clothing piece or casual accessories in a contrasting pastel color. For example, put together an all-white outfit and add a seafoam green shoulder bag for a pop of color. You can also style an outfit with a pastel main piece and let all the accessories be white.

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4. Overaccessorising

If you still can’t decide or are in a hurry I have the best idea. Throw in all the accessories you own in a basic fit. Well, not all but you get it.

Layered chunky chains, as many hair accessories in your hair as you want, stacked rings, and throw in sunglasses even in shade.

5. LWD or little white dress

The most stylish clothing you can wear while transitioning to fall if the temperature is still high is LWD. It’s effortless, minimal, and as long as you pick smth trendy (like a polo dress) you’re good. And chic!

Little white dresses are minimal enough for casuals, but the ones like puff dresses can easily be dressed up with accessories for fancier occasions.

6. Knit pieces

Ribbed sets are comfortable, IG’s fav, and super versatile. Other than being perfect for every aesthetics, there are many options you can pick.

You can style all-white outfits with a knit dress with a pair of heels and a casual blazer, or wear it simply with cute slides. A ribbed tank can be styled with a voluminous topper like an oversized shirt or a trench coat.

You can also pick a knit midi skirt! A classic style that never truly goes out of style, so you’ll be able to enjoy wearing it season after season.

A poc blogger wearing a ribbed sweetheart neckline crop top in an all white casual outfit

7. Tennis Girl Aesthetic

You must’ve observed that many outfits on Pinterest seem to be inspired by sports like Tennis. And this aesthetic is perfect for summer with its heatwave-friendly core pieces: tennis skirt, crop polo, tennis shoes, and a sweater tied over your shoulders. Top it off with edgy sunglasses and gold semi-hoop earrings.

8. Oversized everything

While petite girls like you and me are advised against oversized clothing pieces, if you notice the site title, you can tell I couldn’t care less about it. Not to mention, monochrome all-white outfits -structured or casual, can never make you look tiny.

Wearing an oversized top together with a loose bottom is also a popular type of style gaining popularity in Korean street style.

an oversized all white outfits consisting of a loose oversized ribbed tee tucked in loose shorts for casual look
an all white outfit, a casual look consisting of a white cardigan tucked in oversized dress pants

9. Sweater vests

Yep. The grandpa trend that has been booming since fall 2020 is gracefully moving to fall 2021. While spring and summer saw pastel and cropped sweater vests for transitioning to fall, all neutrals like white in an outfit will match better the somber vibes.

10. Now make it cropped

I’m not sure what era do you live in if you haven’t observed crop supremacy. This is remarkably true when it comes to cropped blazers -which are also fall’s favorite outerwear this season.

all white outfits comprising of white tank top under a crop half sleeved blazer paired with long shorts

11. A statement piece

If you are a laid-back dresser, statement pieces are perfect for you. Accessories like thick bold chains and quilted bags can instantly transform a basic outfit into a casual-chic high-fashion look. Other than accessories, you can also go for clothing pieces like asymmetrical tops and slip skirts that draw attention.

For this, you can either pick a piece that either complements your outfit or looks contrasting against it.

12. Pretty Prints

Mix and match different prints in white together for a busy and bold, high fashion look. If you prefer a clean silhouette, you can pair minimal prints with solids. For example, pair a polka dot blouse with simple denim.

An all white casual outfit worn by a style influencer, consisting of polko dot printed top, white denim and gold accessories

Here are F/W 2021 trends you can include in your all-white casual outfits try for-

  • Tiger & zebra print
  • Plaid
  • Art deco (vivid geos and stark colors)
  • Darker ground florals
  • Checkerboard print

13. Cottagecore

From large layered clothing, big pockets, puffy sleeves, and button blouses -to lace, longer, loose-fitting clothing, styling cottagecore is easier than you would think. You can start with basic pieces such as white tops and jeans that you already have in your closet.

14. Halter necks

The most iconic trend of summer and my personal favorite. Styling halter necks may look difficult for transition looks but hear me out.

Considering the halter neck will be the focus of the outfit, you can just pair a top with wide-leg jeans or pants, then add an oversized button-up for an effortlessly trendy outfit. You can also pair one with a cute cardi for a preppy look.

15. Loungewear

What’s more casual and comfy than loungewear?

You can look for cute ribbed tank-midi or light and cropped cardi-cami combos.

The best part about these is (apart from the fact that you don’t have to change clothes after coming home) that the pieces can be styled with other pieces as well.

16. Cardigan as top

Pair a cropped cardi with high-waisted jeans or tuck in an oversized one in a cute skirt. Pick all-white accessories like bucket hats and beaded jewelry, and you have a soft girl outfit perfect for cute dates.

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17. Denim on denim look

We are officially claiming whatever once was a faux pas IKTR!

Denim on denim is one of the most iconic and bold ways to style a casual outfit. Since we are talking about all and everything white, you also don’t have to worry about looking “too much” for casual outfits.

18. School girl vibes

The school girl-inspired look, the preppy style, is super trendy everywhere -whether on Pinterest or Instagram. It might look intimidating but this cute light academia inspired look is actually easy to style.

All you need are few button-ups, cute blouses, cardigans, plaid or pleated skirts. To make this style more on point with the aesthetic, pair cute socks, a baguette, and pearls.

I’d suggest searching Gossip girl looks on Pinterest for inspos πŸ˜‰