How to style trendy all-black outfits for summer

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Black can be elegant as well as edgy. It gives a refined touch to every outfit. But at the same time, our go-to color (or anything remotely dark) looks like it would give a headache in these high temperatures and stifling humidity. Not to mention, pulling all-black off is not a piece of cake. Even one piece of clothing or accessory can transform your look from chic to she’s headed to a funeral. So how do you style all-black outfits for summer then?

Well first, let me tell you something.

Black does absorb atmospheric heat but it also conducts heat away from your body – which means it’s actually one of the smartest options when it comes to styling a summer outfit.

Make all-black outfits breathable for summer

Pay attention to fabric

I’d say the whole outfit at this point is dependent on the fabric you pick. Unless you want to experience hell, do not go for black clothing pieces made of anything other than breathable fabrics -like cotton, linen, viscose, and light silk. They also give comfy and airy vibes suitable for summer.

Airy silhhoutes

So there’s obviously a reason why maxi dresses and blouses are always in trend during summer. These pieces allow air-flows and don’t cling to the body. Opt for, trendy loose straight-leg or bell-bottom pants, midi or maxis, infamous tennis skirt, and sundresses (though any dress with good fabric should be good). If you prefer fitted clothing pieces, in the case of all-black outfits, look for flattering details like drawstrings or slits for summer -to avoid overheating.

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a dark skinned fashion blogger styling all-black outfits for summer with crop printed blouse and fitted mini skirt

A hint of colour midst black

Now comes the styling part.

Pair black pieces together and then an accessory or clothing of a different and contrasting color. Since it’s summer, I’d recommend pastels or softer hues to tone down the overwhelming feels of all-black. It could be outerwear or a third piece like a cardigan or layered cami. If you’re new to this styling trick, start with accessories, like a bucket hat (perfect for summer), bag, belt, or shoes.

Time for lbd

Little black dresses are, versatile clothing, easy to style, works for every season. They are minimal enough for hot days but can easily be dressed up with accessories for different occasions. Here are some LBD outfit ideas for summer.

a girl pairing black lbd with black shoulder bags and long cow print boots as example of all-black outfits for summer 2021
an all-black outfits for summer consisting of a polo black dress and shoulder bag

Style all-black lounge-wear outfits for summer

Tip: Sets are a big trend this season when it comes to loungewear.

So look for cute summer-friendly sweatshirts/shorts or light and cropped cardi/cami combos in black. The pieces can be styled with other pieces, especially if they are in a neutral color, so go ahead and add them to the cart.

You can dress up your lounge with jewelry – chain jewelry adds the perfect touch of cool to casual looks!

Another way to style your loungewear is by tying a sweatshirt/sweater around your hips or shoulders. This trend is everywhere this season (also gives mad nostalgia).

Prints and patterns

This summer, it’s bolder the better. Think of 70s huge florals, tropical vibe, Vichy checks, big blocks, and geometrical prints. Whether you prefer midi or maxi dresses, airy blouses, or scarf tops, you know what to go for. If you don’t know how to match black in summer, this is the easiest solution of all!

a brown influencer wearing a black printed blouse with black fitted skirt for all-black outfits for summer.

Exercise? More like accessorize

  1. Adding a statement accessory: Pieces like thick bold chains and quilted bags can instantly transform a basic outfit into a chic high fashion look. Decide a category of statement accessory -from footwear (chunky boots, strappy square-toe) to Jewellery (statement drop earrings, logo inspired). You can either pick an accessory that either compliment your outfit or looks contrasting against it.
  2. Monochrome accessorizing: In an outfit centered around one colour, add accessories like a y2k shoulder bag or headband of the same colour. Feel free to play with different hues and shades, prints and patterns and textures.

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