15 Aesthetic outfits for summer when it’s too hot

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When the temperature rises, styling an outfit that is too aesthetic and trendy seems to give a headache. And the ‘aesthetic outfits for summer’ Pinterest boards most often do not work out either. Not to mention, they have no insight on how to actually style clothes…

For these extremely hot days, when your brain cells betray you and you go into ‘what to wear when you have nothing to wear: summer edition’, here is a list of outfits (with styling ideas and tips) you can try.

1. LBD

The most stylish clothing you can wear in summer without overheating is the iconic LBD. And yes, I’m aware black absorb atmospheric heat, but it also conducts heat away from your body. So as long as you wear the right material, you’re good. And chic!

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LBDs are minimal enough for hot days, but the ones like puff dresses can easily be dressed up with accessories for fancier occasions.

LBD or little black dress styled among one of all black outfits

2. Tennis girl aesthetic outfits for summer

You must’ve already observed that many outfits by fashion enthusiasts and bloggers on IG seem to be inspired by the sport. And it’s perfect for summer with its heatwave-friendly core pieces: tennis skirt, crop polo, tennis shoes, and a sweater tied over your shoulders. Top it off with edgy sunglasses and gold semi-hoop earrings and you’re done!

A ribbed crop polo styled with white jeans and white sweater tied over the shoulders for aesthetic outfits for summer

Hot Girl trends

3. Halter necks

The most iconic trend of summer and my personal favorite. Styling halter necks for summer is super easy and it’s also summer-friendly. Just like the strap trend, the halter neck will be the focus of the outfit. So you can just pair a halter neck top with wide-leg pants -or a mini skirt if it’s way too hot (or you wanna channel a full-on y2k look).

A gray halter neck tank top styled with silver mini skirt for among aesthetic outfits for summer

4. Straps

These straps, wrapped around your midriff, waist, or slithering around your ankles showing off your summer shoes, become the focus of the outfit. While the peek of skin gives relief in intense heat. Most effortless and aesthetic piece to style easy outfits for summer?

5. Cut outs

From bold side cut outs on midi dresses to keyhole cut out on trendy pieces. You can definitely find something that fits your style in between!

You can style them just as you would a basic piece -light layers, monochrome styling, accessorized with stacked jewelry, and with cool denim.

A grey keyhole cut out slip tank top styled with silver skirt for aesthetic outfits for summer

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6. Crop sweater vest

Yep, the good ol’ grandpa trend that has been booming from fall 2020. Except it is no longer chunky and big for layering in fall, but still loose enough to avoid sweating.

7. Ribbed dress

When summer hits, the lesser pieces you wear the better it feels. This is where dresses come. Whether you prefer a minimal aesthetic or wanna dress more polished (or simply don’t feel sundresses) a ribbed dress is the best card.

Before you get one, do make sure the fabric is (or mostly) natural (cotton, viscose, linen).

aesthetic ribbed dress from h&m styled by a fashion influencer for outfits for summer

8. Aesthetic loungewear + accessories = easy outfits for summer

Summer lounge sets are both peak of comfort as well as matching. So look for cute summer-friendly ribbed tank/shorts or light & cropped cardi/cami combos.

The best part about these is (apart from the fact that you don’t have to change clothes after coming home) that the pieces can be styled with other pieces as well.

9. Pastel fits for the vibes

It’s no secret that light-colored clothes and accessories keep you cool -making Pastel outfits the most perfect trend for summer. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but it is also very calming and feels soothing against intense summer heat. Here’s all you need to know for styling aesthetic pastel outfits for summer.

A pastel outfit consisting of a halter neck top and accessorized with rectangular classes among aesthetic outfits for summer for 2021

10. Midi & maxi

Time for me to remind you all of these sunshine-ready dress styles you can pull off right now. From floral square-neck midi dress for ‘picnic in the park’, to open-back slip maxi dress for special events, midi and maxi dresses carry summer fashion on its back.

11. Layering a shirt in outfits for summer is aesthetic

While layering and summer do not go together, a button-up goes with every season.

Pair a breezy oversized button-up with a crop tank/bra-top for a comfortable but stylish look.

12. Chic all-white outfits

Crisp white is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to dressing for high temperatures. And monochrome outfits never fail to look aesthetic. What’s better than all-white outfits then?

13. Oversized & light oufits that represent summer aesthetic

Here comes the most practical outfit idea and tip.

Opt for pieces that allow air-flows and don’t cling to the body. Trendy loose straight-leg or bell-bottom pants, midi or maxis, infamous tennis skirt, and sundresses (though any dress with good fabric should be good).

If you prefer fitted clothing pieces, look for flattering details like drawstrings or slits for summer in order to avoid overheating.

14. Matching sets

Just like loungewear, it’s the easiest way to style a trendy outfit, and also very versatile as the pieces can be styled as separates.

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15. Denim overalls

With the ’90s love still spreading around and trending, the denim overalls are back. This year along with skinny jeans, skinny-fit overalls have also been sent home. Slouchy and relaxed, and flattering straight-leg silhouettes are two kinds you need this summer.

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