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My name is Rashi and I’m a fashion blogger and content creator based in India. Currently, I’m also a student who plans to go to a fashion school soon while continuing what I love to do. I aim to reach and empower the young generation (my generation) from diverse societies. Through Lust For Oversized Tees, officially relaunched in April 2020 (from a diary-like free blog), I contribute my part in inspiring Gen z to free away from the conservative rules of fashion limiting their creativity and authenticity.

Combining my style and expertise with all the latest global trends, I create authentic and relatable content with my sharp eye for aesthetic details. My artistry and expertise are well represented in this blog in the form of guidebooks, look books, and aesthetic catalogs. I am constantly looking around for the latest trends and seeking ways to infuse them into my style -drawing inspiration from fashion editorials, styling through the decades, and stylishly creative people all around the world.

What I’m not looking for is defining my personal style and creating a box with my own hands for my creativity to fit in. I can qualify as one of those people who believe people change and that, they must.



Rashi | style blogger & chic aesthetic


Rashi | Fashion & Aesthetics



You can reach out to me using through the mail [email protected]

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