Lust For Oversized Tees is here, soaking up all the trends and shedding chicness to inspire YOU to look nothing less than how you imagine YOUR stylish and fierce ideal self.

Lust For Oversized Tees is a gal’s go-to fashion look book + guidebook filled with chic and undoubtedly fierce inspirations manufactured from the trends blooming, to help you at every step of voguish life while nurturing that unapologetic aura of yours.

Significance of Lust For Oversized Tees?

I confess it wasn’t what I named my first site.  In fact, it not even close to what I actually named my first site -and neither was it my back up option. I can’t clearly remember what the previous name was but it was absolutely dull as well as repetitive. Before I got started with the process of choosing a specific niche I just had one moto stuck with me. Stylishly unapologetic. Whatever content I was going to create had to be stylishly unapologetic.

In a vast land filled with oversized clothing’s growing favouritism, my obsession with oversized tees struck my head. From there came the four-word long name!

Started as a side hobby and with the motto, Better an oops than a what if’, LFOT’s influence in my life was negligible once. Now, I can’t even imagine myself without this pink pile of fatal femme lookbook.

Behind LFOT-

I am Rashi, a style blogger based in India. Here I unleash my obsession with fashion, supporting and helping fierce gals while sipping coffee, completely ignoring the fact that I have a test due tomorrow. I’m probably the only person who is a walking disaster but an organised junkie.

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