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80 unbelievable facts about fashion and clothing

All of us love fashion. Every bits and piece of clothing that we put on our body is essentially a fashion choice.

But are you aware of some facts about fashion at early ages? Iconic steps in the fashion industry? Mind-blowing facts about the creators of magnificent clothing pieces?

Here are some surprising and interesting facts, many of which will blow your mind away while you procrastinate!

Ancient and Historic

  1. Elizabeth I was so obsessed with hats that it was made compulsory for women to wear hats on Sundays and public holidays.
  2. An old tyre was used to make the first Doc Martens. Punk origin?
  3. The ancient Romans wore yellow on their wedding days.
  4. Bikini, introduced in 1946, was banned in several countries after the Vatican declared it as a sin.
  5. The original Cinderella story had fur slippers but that changed in the 1600s.
  6. Women were only allowed to wear shorts after WWII because less fabric was available.
  7. Historically, in Rome, only aristocrats and royals wore purple clothing.
  8. The skirt is the second oldest clothing.
  9. Until the 19th century, fashion companies used dolls instead of models.
  10. Queen Joana was the first to wear a hoop skirt and that, to hide her pregnancy.
  11. French noblewomen used to wear hairstyles inspired by ships. I wonder whether they used extensions or not.
  12. Before gym wear was introduced people exercise naked.
  13. Napoleon, disgusted with his soldiers wiping their noses in the sleeves decided to introduce buttons on sleeves.
  14. Earlier, kids used to wear a miniature version of adults clothes.
  15. High heels were originally designed for and by men.
  16. There was once a trend of wearing red stockings dyed with mercury.
  17. During the 1970s, South Korea actual had fashion police that measured women’s mini skirts.
  18. In the 1970s, King Louis XIV’s court members were only allowed to wear red heels, men or women.
  19. In the late 1940s, boys too wore dresses until they were 5-6 years old.
  20. A gruesome trend in the late 1800s was to pin alive chameleons to their clothing as broche.

Iconic facts

  1. Coco Chanel disassociated black from mourning with her creation of the LBD or little black dress. Not every all-black outfit is for the funeral.
  2. Anna Wintour’s first cover of Vogue was so different from previous ones that editors thought she made a mistake.
  3. The first person to wear a white wedding dress was Queen Victoria. Before that white was associated with mourning.
  4. Chanel no. 5 marked the beginning of modern perfume in 1921.
  5. Andrè Courrèges unveiled the first-ever mini skirt.
  6. The singer Jane Birkin has a bag named after her, called the ‘The Jane Birkins Bag’
  7. Lana Del Rey is the most recent singer to get a bag after her. The bag is called ‘Del Rey’ by Mulberry.
  8. Thomas Burberry introduced trench coats.
  9. Chanel designed the signature Chanel coat fighting the patriarchy for the sake of comfort and mobility of women.
  10. Georgia Armani created the first-ever bomber jacket.
  11. Canali, an Italian brand introduced mechanised cutting machines in the fashion industry.
  12. The coveted Juicy tracksuit was first custom-made for Madonna who made it famous overnight.
  13. Stella McCartney label has exclusive shopping bags made of corn. Sustainable fashion at its finest. Ps: do you know Arcadia? A sustainable label?
  14. Christian Louboutin produced blue soled shoes for brides, for a limited period.
  15. King Edward VII, a rather plump man began leaving his suit’s bottom button unbuttoned and unknowingly created a trend.
  16. Earlier, celebrities used sunglasses to look anonymous.
  17. Hilary Clinton with her pantsuits played a role in inspiring others from a society obsessed with stereotypical women.
  18. Chelsea Boot was first made especially for Queen Victoria.
  19. Ever since Nirvana singer brought flannel to the forefront of fashion, its been trend-proof wardrobe staple. Especially plaid flannel! A true 90s wardrobe staple!
  20. Coco Chanel introduced the first strap bag. Basically, Gabrielle modernised the whole world.

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Companies and designers

  1. Michael Kors’ first project was his own mother’s wedding dress at the age of 5.
  2. There is a rumour that Louis Vuitton company burns any old stock to keep a tight hold on its exclusivity. #didyouknowthat
  3. Marilyn Monroe owned a lavish dress encrusted with 6000 rhinestones.
  4. Valentino Red was given the name after he became well-known for a bright red dress that he designed.
  5. Ralph Lauren’s real name was Ralph Lifshitz.
  6. Harry Winston designed the most expensive shoes that were sold for $3 million.
  7. Christian Dior called his A-line and pencil skirts “H-line” because the silhouette of the skirt created parallel lines to the floor.
  8. Michael Jordon’s father was murdered by a guy wearing Michael Jordon T-shirt. Coincidence?
  9. Ralph Lauren started as a tie designer.
  10. Abercombie & Fitch actually offered Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino money to stop wearing their clothes as they felt, he was ruining their reputation.
  11. Christian Louboutin trademarked the red sole look and sued Yves Saint Laurent for copying them.
  12. Michael Kors thinks of the 90s fashion as his personal nightmare.
  13. Paul Smith’s every design has a hidden fashion treasure; like a hidden pocket or a different print on the inside pocket etc.
  14. Judith Leiber has now started buying all her iconic purses to display them in her own museum.
  15. Valentino travels everywhere with his 5 favourite pugs. I mean I would do that too.
  16. Karl Lagerfeld has said to own 300,000+ books. I wonder if he owned Harry Potter.
  17. Karl even created a scent for book lovers called ‘paper passion’.
  18. Marc Jacobs has SpongeBob tattoos.
  19. Ralph Lauren served in the US army from 1962-1964.
  20. Christian Dior was a strong Psychic believer and visited one to choose dates for showcasing his collections.


  1. An average woman buys 145 bags in her lifetime.
  2. New York Fashion Week is attended by 232,000 per year.
  3. Fashion industry sees an annual revenue of more than $20 billion. I wonder how.
  4. In the US, each person owns an average of seven pairs of blue jeans. That is one per each day in a week?
  5. Around 2 billions of T-shirts are sold each year.
  6. People in Manhattan spend an average of $362 on clothes.
  7. Astronauts don’t do laundry in space. They throw their dirty laundry out in Earth’s atmosphere to get incinerated. Much easier option…
  8. For one bale of cotton, 215 pairs of jeans can be made.
  9. While lots of things are increasing in price, clothing is actually decreasing. Since 1992, the price of clothes has gone down by 8.5%.
  10. The record for the world’s longest wedding dress is held by a dress which has a 1.85 mile-long train.
  11. Gucci manufactured a pair of jeans named the Gucci Genius Jeans. They sold for a staggering $3,134.
  12. In the Western world, skirts and dresses are mainly reserved for women, but in other areas of the world, both sexes wear them equally as often.
  13. Technically, items are only ‘vintage’ if they were made more than sixty but less than a hundred years ago.
  14. ‘Retro’, on the other hand, doesn’t refer to old items, but rather refers to styles which copy vintage items.
  15. There is an Old Icelandic tale which claims the Yule Cat will eat you if you aren’t lucky enough to receive new clothes on Christmas Day. You might need fashion gift guides then?
  16. Only 10% of the clothes people donate to thrift shops or charities get sold, the rest goes to landfill.
  17. About 80% of women around the world buy a smaller size of shoes.
  18. Eighty billion pieces of clothing are consumed globally per annum.
  19. Globally, we now consume about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year.
  20. An average woman has $550 of unworn clothing in her closet having never worn at least 20% of the items in their wardrobe. Does that include you?

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Those were my 80 surprising and interesting facts about fashion that you may not have known till now.
If you have some facts related to fashion, feel free to share it in the comments! I would love to know more!


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