50 fun Facts on Fashion you need To Know

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All of us love dressing and shopping for clothes and accessories. Every bit and piece that we put on our bodies is undoubtedly a fashion choice. But are you aware of these facts about early trends and fashion staples or Iconic steps in the industry? Interesting facts about the designer of your favorite clothing and on the sustainable journey that the fashion industry is beginning to take??

facts not mentioned in history books

  1. In Rome, only aristocrats and royals could wear purple clothing.
  2. The Vatican declared the bikini a sin upon its introduction in 1946. After that, many countries banned the swimming piece.
  3. The skirt is the second oldest piece of clothing.
  4. The OG Cinderella story had fur slippers and not glass ones.
  5. Women started wearing shorts only after WWII. And even this was only because less fabric was available.
  6. Until the 19th century, fashion companies used dolls instead of models.
  7. Earlier French Women used to wear hairstyles inspired by ships.
  8. During the 1970s, South Korea had a fashion police that measured women’s mini skirts.
  9. King Louis XIV, apart from him, allowed only his court members to wear red heels -men or women.

10. High heels were originally designed for men for the purpose of riding horses.

a painting from history depicting one of historical fashion facts about men wearing heels

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An infographic on fun fashion facts about famous designers, weird trends from past and and iconic steps in the industry.

Iconic early trends

  1. Ancient Egyptians wore wax or perfume cones on their heads as perfumes to hide their body odor. 
  2. Anna Wintour’s first cover of Vogue was so different from previous ones that editors thought she made a mistake.
  3. The first item of clothing to be invented was Grecian-style wrap “dresses” -worn by both men and women. It was created by draping technique.
  4. The first person to wear a white wedding dress was Queen Victoria. All-white was associated with mourning before her.
  5. Coco Chanel designed the signature Chanel coat, fighting the patriarchy for the sake of comfort and mobility of women.
  6. King Edward VII, a rather plump man began leaving his suit’s bottom button unbuttoned and unknowingly created a trend.
  7. Earlier, celebrities used sunglasses to look anonymous and not for fashion OR to hide away from the Sun. Chelsea Boot was first made especially for Queen Victoria.
  8. Ever since Nirvana’s singer brought flannel to the forefront of fashion, it’s been a trend-proof wardrobe staple.
  9. Coco Chanel introduced the first strap bag.
  10. Chanel with her creation of the LBD or little black dress, disassociated black from mourning.
A picture of Coco Chanel, who introduced bag straps: historical fashion facts about fashion designer and creators of fashion industry.

Interesting facts about fashion designers and brands

  1. In 1997, Alexander McQueen used animal and bird heads in his fashion show. To this, PETA members dumped animal guts in front of Givenchy’s Paris boutique doorstep.
  2. Michael Kors’ first project was his own mother’s wedding dress at the age of 5.
  3. Stella McCartney label has exclusive shopping bags made of corn.
  4. Ralph Lauren was an army veteran who went from rags to riches because of his Polo clothing brand. His original name was Ralph Lifshitz.
  5. The man who murdered Michael Jordon’s father was wearing Michael Jordon’s T-shirt.
  6. Paul Smith’s every design has a hidden fashion treasure; like a hidden pocket or a different print on the inside pocket etc.
  7. Gucci almost went bankrupt due to the spread of scandalous stories about the Gucci family in the 1980s.

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8. To bring about positive change, Tom Ford was appointed as the Creative Director at Gucci.

9. Karl Lagerfeld has said to owned 300,000+ books.

10. Even a scent for book lovers was created by Karl called ‘paper passion’.

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Fashion facts about today

  1. After Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe’s lavish dress encrusted with 6000 rhinestones at Met Gala 2022, it suffered terrible loose threads and tears. Many rhinestones fell off from the dress that was all this while preserved in the fashion vault.
  2. Fashion industry sees an annual revenue of $760+ billion.
  3. In March 2021, Lil Nas X sparked intense controversy by debuting the custom Nike Air Max 97 “Satan Shoes,” during the music video for “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)”.
  4. In the US, each person owns an average of seven pairs of blue jeans.
  5. YouTuber and comedian Marie Benoliel jumped up onto the runway at the Chanel Paris Fashion Week show in 2019 in a tweed monochrome outfit to blend in with models. Gigi Hadid blocked her soon after her prank.
  6. Boys at several high schools in the Montreal area wore skirts to school for weeks, to protest against the double standard in school dress codes. Canadian boys followed the protest as well by wearing skirts.
  7. An average woman has at least $550 that are never worn. This is almost 20% of the items in the wardrobe.
  8. Recently a bra was invented to be used in emergency situations that woulddoubles up as a mask.
  9. Gucci faced immediate backlash after it released a balaclava-style sweater in its fall 2018 ready-to-wear collection. Many claimed it resembled blackface and was insensitive.
  10. If a man can’t decide what to wear on a date, he might want to wear blue.

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fast fashion facts about a world catching up on sustainability

  1. Eri silk has emerged as a preferred fabric in this age of sustainable fashion. After the worm becomes a moth, it sheds the cocoon that can be later upcycled to make yarn and fabric.
  2. The world consumes about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year.
  3. Cotton farming consumes 4% of worldwide nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers, 16% of all insecticides, and 7% of all herbicides, severely polluting the environment.
  4. A biodegradable fabric called Mestic is made of cellulose present in cow manure. The clothes made with this innovative fabric are affectionately labeled as a part of the “Manual Couture” line.
  5. Polyester contributes to plastic waste and microfiber pollution, and about 60% of today’s clothing contains polyester.
  6. 0.5 million tons of plastic microfibers harm marine wildlife every year from garbage dumped into the ocean.
  7. It takes about 7000 liters of water on average to produce a single pair of jeans. That’s enough water you’d require for drinking for at least 5 years.
  8. As per the UN, the global fast fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  9. If the trend continues, the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions will grow more than 50% by 2030.
  10. Globally, less than 1% of all textile waste is recycled to make new clothing.