5 simple outfit ideas to own this spring

Last Updated on 07/04/2021 by Rashi

Flowers have started to bloom after the bitterness of long winter and the breezy air of the sprouting season is allowing you to put away your chunky sweaters and thick coats. Now, all we need is to swap our fall/winter layers for light dresses and frilly blouses.

Even though my all-time favourite season is fall (or autumn), I just love the fact that I have no tests to prepare or homework to worry about in spring, here in India. Moreover, the idea of pastels, lighter fabrics, denim jackets and sandals majorly influence my love for Spring as well!
Here are my 5 favourite outfits to help you totally own spring this year!

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The little white dress

I have grown quite a liking for bell sleeves and circular flounce sleeves which is why I totally adore this simple white dress! I’ve paired it with a faded denim jacket and added a black belt for spring details.

Wrap up the winter

From this beaut’s blog The Fox And She
This simple and comfortable wrap dress, belonging to Blair Staky is definitely a spring must-have! I love how she has paired it up with chocolate brown mules for a more casual look.

Spring Casuals

An outfit flatlay consisting work casual outfit.

Casual outfits are what I opt for more nowadays because of comfort. Taking that in mind, I have paired this white button-up shirt with my favourite black high waisted washed-out denim. I would prefer this outfit with white platform heels to get a spring casual outfit.

Coral pink for the win

No matter how many times I wear this faded coral pink blouse, I just can’t get enough of it! I’ve worn it quite numerous times! (Don’t believe me? check it out yourself!) It looks so stunning for a more dressed up occasion in spring when paired with this silver skirt. You can add a chic white belt to elevate the look or a pearl earring.

Black and White

Doesn’t the oversized crop tee looks so ready for spring with those lace flowering details? Which might I add, is meant to be with the lace midi skirt I styled it with! It is a perfect combination of sophisticated and charming!


I’d love to hear what your favourite outfit ideas are to totally slay spring! If you have some stunning ideas share them via a link in the comments! I am always in need of more ideas!

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