23 winter outfits based on 2023 trends that you’ll love

Last Updated on 15/01/2023 by Rashi

So just because New Year’s and holiday lookbooks are over doesn’t mean getting back to sporting the same straight-leg jeans and chunky cashmere sweaters every day. Especially this year -with all the rising trends that are determined to add a little extra flair to our fall-winter outfits in 2023.

While speculations of the next fashion necessity and trends continue to rise and die, here are my 23 picks for winter szn that have been rising across the internet, and will most likely stay for a long time. So, if you want to update your closet or if you’re getting interested in a different aesthetic,

here are the 2023 winter fashion trends (and outfits inspired by them) you will love!

1. Sports Luxe

Focused around: Racer and bomber jackets, chunky shoes, leather pants, sporty gloves, visor sunglasses, cargo pants in streetstyle outfits, skiing inspired pieces will be especially popular for winter 2023.

After the tennis girl aesthetic, Golf and ballet is the next sport for outfit inspo in old-money fashion. The key pieces are pastel and neutral ribbed basics, pleated skirts, hand and leg warmers, headbands, ballet flats, and long tights.

2. Bling Bling

Like the Roaring Twenties—party-ready shimmer and sequins have been getting more and more popular. And while the holidays are over, for winter 2023 glitter and glamour are no longer reserved for evening and after occasions and outfits. From metallics, to glitter threaded pieces and disco balls resembling sequin patterns, shining in the daytime is also encouraged this year.

2023 fashion trend metallic top styled in a winter outfit consisting of denim jacket with fur trimming and tailored skirt with cowboy boots in y2k outfits

4. Vest

After making an entry in 2019, many different styles emerged over time. For 2022-23, oversized warm vests are perfect for layering. The style has been reintroduced in shearling -a popular winter trend for outfits in 2023. But apart from puffy, warm, and large, leather and denim waistcoat style vest are also an option for grunge layering.

a tailored waistcoat and skirt styled together with leather blazer for winter outfits in 2023

5. Leather

This ‘90s comeback trend has arrived in different pieces rather than just pants and jackets -which means more versatility. From midi skirts to corsets, people will be decked out in all leather everything (if they aren’t already).


The leather obsession doesn’t stop at versatile clothing- but goes as far as all-leather! Why wear just one when you can wear two or even three?

You also don’t have to stick to just one color or just classic colors like browns and blacks.

6. Layer your winter outfits with Corsets

Corsets are not going anywhere this winter if you spend some time scrolling IG or Pinterest.

And talking so much about leather, a leather corset will elevate any look from basic to iconic. A black corset can be a fun layering whether the occasion is casual or fancy. Pair them over blouses and layer up a blazer for a trendy and cool outfit.

a tweed crop jacket layered over a corset styled with jeans and white crop shirt for a cool 2023 outfits for winter

7. Crochet

Yep, the summer micro trend of 2022 is here to stay- creative crochet. Layer them up in your aesthetic with monochrome styling or add a pop of color to your fits.

8. winter outfits necessity- Faux Fur

Staying warm and cozy is a necessity for dressing in winter and adding fur coats to your outfit is the best (and extra) way to do so. Though faux-fur outerwear never truly went out of style, this year fur accents, extra puffy fur, and vibrant colorful ones are also super popular.

9. Tailored Denim

In winter 2023, we stan tailored suiting and structured silhouettes and, denim cannot be excused (if it’s not for super baggy outfits). From blazer styles to structured vests, pick more polished denim this year.

a denim on denim look with tailored structure for 2023 trends -winter outfits with unique silhouettes

10. Cargo pants

Cargo pants are having a major moment at the moment and no way it will die down any time soon.

IT silhouette for 2023 outfits- Maxi hemline

While micro hemlines aren’t going anywhere (even in winter when it comes to gram), their spotlight will be shared now with my maxi hemlines. Pencil and skin-fit skirts/dresses and slim, ankle-length silhouettes are becoming more and more popular.

11. coats

Tent Coats have been especially popular at the end of 2022 for winter and will stay for some time now.

Longer lengths in general would be more popular -especially when it comes to woolen or leather coats.

12. dresses

These maxi dresses usually have a straight but flattering fit. They come in a range depending on preference- from skin-tight but comfy ones to flouncy or flowy ones.

Long Turtleneck Dresses have been most popular along with matching skirts and top separates.

13. Maxi-ed skirt

Maxi skirts will be having a major moment this winter.

While ribbed, jersey and other stretchy fabrics have been common so far, leather and denim styles are also popping up a striking look.

a black blazer layered over black turtleneck and denim skirt for a cool streetstyle winter outfits for 2023

14. Biker Chic(k) for the cool kids

Vibrant colors and Girly, ballet, and aesthetics may be having their moment as well but we can’t all have the same aesthetics right? Especially during wintertime. Dark feminine and edgy fashion have also started making their way to peak as per fall-winter 2022(-23) trendy outfits.

This new trend (especially thanks to other trends like leather and sporty vibe) will take off this winter. Bikercore as you would expect is all about faux-leather pants, motocross jackets, and heavy boots—and we are so here for it.

a biker leather jacket with oversized fit for winter aesthetic outfits 2023 styled with black pants and ribbed asymmetrical top by a brown blogger

15. pop off with Off-shoulders

This one is personally most interesting to me. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Off-shoulder -with my style and trends evolving year by year. I would look back at pictures and wonder why I decided to wear tacky off-shoulders. And now that it’s back… I would love to wear it again…

At least this time this trend is emphasized with a sleek appearance and minimal silhouettes, so I have to worry less about it looking tacky.

16. Gothic Undertones

With the heavy obsession with Wednesday Addams and her peculiar dance, Gothic aesthetics will have their moment this winter. Not surprising considering the heavy amount of blacks we pick in winter.

For inspiration imagine a darker version of ballet core and regencycore aesthetics -also remember the egirl obsession of 2020? Sabrina the Teenage Witch? This year, however, the look is mostly on the polished and sharper side, with winged eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man, darker lipsticks, and sleek hairstyles.

17. Ethereal appearances

From fabrics like sheer, tulle, delicate lace, and soft silks to Greek-draping silhouettes and lightly flowing tailoring. This angelic and ethereal trend somehow fits comfortably in the modern day for special events as well as common occasions.

18. Wishing warm winter outfits ft. Shearling

From coats and trims on tops to bags – shearling is getting more and more popular as a classic and versatile winter style. While they usually come in whites, greys, and creams- colorful ones are popping out as well.

2023 Accessories trends for your winter outfits

19. Leg Warmers

With the rise of ballet core- leg warmers are obviously on the rise It might not look rational but if you like wearing skirts- highly recommended.

20. Ballet Flats

Yes, the basic ballet flats are back as well as the ballet core. For 2023, there is a wide range if you want to join in structured ones, both pointy- and square-toe silhouettes, and classic rounded styles.

21. Platform Loafers

Chunky loafers are very obviously very popular at the moment. And the reign of this elevated preppy staple will continue in 2023 as well -especially for winter outfits. A popular way to style them has been inspired by gossip girl IT Girls.

22. Baseball Hats

As I mentioned before, a sporty vibe is a majorrrrr trend and will continue for a long. Make sure to join in this easy trend to elevate your casual outfits.

23. Knee-High Boots/waders

While big boots are always accepted in the fashion game, this year they are especially appreciated. Designers, fashionistas, and celebs alike are embracing sky-high boots that go up to their knees or thighs. A popular way to style them has been with maxi skirts or dresses or with micro-length skirts for iconic looks that stand out.