Talking Dynasty and Outfit Inspired by Fallon Carrington

I started watching Dynasty in mid-May this year and finished the first season in 8-9 days. Not long after that, last 3-4 episodes of the second season were up and I finished watching the second season as well.

Now, I know you wanna ask me ‘what were you doing when the series first released? Hunting elephants?’

You can blame CW for not promoting it enough to reach my Instagram. Or even Twitter.

So, no, I was not hunting elephants. I do not hunt, which is pretty illegal, may I add. Besides, it was a thing 2 million years back but now it’s all about gluten-free food and plant-based proteins.

Season 2 of dynasty ended with revelations, betrayals, secrets. Bodies were found, the lost people-call-me-psycho Carrington returned from assumed death, the phrase ‘like mother like daughter’ came into physical effect and Steven was last seen in an institution in Paris due to drug-induced breakdown thanks to his own brother who pretended to be his lover. (And is now lusting over Fallon if you ask me) Who’s getting high on drama?

(No idea, what Dynasty is about? I got you! Or maybeWikipedia,but whatever.)

Of the two seasons, I think the first one was better with the whole rivalry between the series’ central female characters, Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies) and Cristal Flores (Nathalie Kelley) for power in the business world and favour of patriarch Blake Carrington.

Cristal and Fallon serve as foils of each other when it comes to style. Fallon, the bold and business savvy heiress of Blake, grew up drenched in the lifestyle of the 1% and thus has a versatile Gucci approach to getting dressed. While Cristal, Blake Carrington’s second wife and COO of CA, who is much more feminine, is a pro at looking polished and put together with neutrals and pastels.

Between these two power-loving females, I chose Fallon Carrington, the epitome of business gal style as inspiration for an outfit.

A black blazer topped with pink tulle blouse.

I didn’t want to dress as her style replica or copy her exact look from one of the episodes. Which is why I picked LFOT’s brand colours as the base colours of the outfit.

A black suit paired with pink tulle blouse white mules.

Blazer and pants are her strongest suit, so I decided to go with just that. Since my suit is modest black and Fallon’s style is bolder, I decided to pair it with an embellished tie-neck tulle blouse to create a bit of voluminous effect with the sleeve. The shoulder pads in the blazer also added a bit in hinting Dynasty’s 80s fashion.

Fallon is also known for keeping up with the trends so I accessorised the suit and blouse with pointed white mules and b&w croc-embossed satchel bag.

Rhinestone queen bee brooch.

The best part of this outfit for me is the rhinestone bee brooch. I fell in love with the brooch the minute I saw it (and is now probably my favourite accessory). It appeared perfect for this blog post, symbolising Fallon’s queen bee persona.

Outfit inspired by Fallon Carrington's style.

I hate the fact that Dynasty’s not gonna appear until 2020 and honestly, it’s pissing me off. I mean- I waited months for this to happen?!

If you haven’t watched season 1 & 2 and you are not in the US, you have plenty of time right now to watch the two seasons as the third season will be coming up on Netflix after the season finale in May or possibly even June 2020. If you wanna skip, mark my words, do not skip episode 1 of season 1! No matter what!

Do you think Dynasty will still stay underrated or the 3rd Cristal’s the charm? If you haven’t seen a single episode, do you feel tempted now? Also, tell me how close I got to Fallon’s style!


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