Why I don’t wear bright clothes, ever

It is going to please some of you all that I was about to title this blog post, ‘I just don’t like brights, Wenches!’

Which suited the blog post considering the amount of applaud-worthy judgemental stares I have received at my ‘girly light pink’ or ‘mainly black’ outfits.

But then, it seemed too over the top even for me.

I can’t explain how many times, I have received ‘you are too picky to shop with’ or ‘everything can’t be how you want it too.’ Now, I wouldn’t lie, there is a little truthfulness in those statements but –God, Susan, I am not picky, these brands are way too obsessed with bright colours!

Right now, the neon trend is not helping my situation at all.

I swear I am not exaggerating (a lie) when I say I feel like fainting whenever I see someone wearing neon in this already bright summer!

A chic all-black outfit styled with a belted blazer.

But why is it, that I never wear bright coloured clothes?

• It doesn’t match my soul. If only my soul was fuchsia pink or vibrant orange, there is a possibility that this post wouldn’t have existed but since it’s not, here we are…

All-black, all white and lighter shades are always timeless. The outfit styled with these colour combinations appear brilliantly refined and so put together!

• It’s not artistic. Just ask yourself this one question, how many poets have been seen rocking fluorescent green?

• I do not get out of my house to brighten your day. And anyone who thinks I should wear bright colours to spread positive vibes can stfu.

• I really don’t need bright colours to make me stand out in a crowd. My mouth does that job quite well. The last thing I need is a ton of more attention.

• Brightness hurts my eyes. Bright mornings, neon trend… You name it! (#Unpopular opinion)

• I feel entirely out of place whenever I try bright colours…
One time, I had to attend a grand party -a friend’s 13th birthday, for which my mum bought me a bright pink dress. I absolutely loved it. I wore the dress for the first time in pure joy! (and probably looking just as excited as Nemo was for his first day of school).

However, after some time, when the excitement of a new dress died down, I felt completely out of place. Sort of like a light bulb -even though, I wasn’t the only one wearing a bright colour.

• I DON’T LIKE BRIGHTS. And I wish that was sufficient.

A pale coral pink blouse paired with a silver skirt.

I get it, you know. The country I live in is bright and colourful in every way possible, from festivals to food, from architecture to (you guessed it) -clothes. Like Seema Goswami has said, bright colours are the very soul of India. Like every Indian, I am not scared of colours, I just don’t like bright colours.

And seeing a person decked in boring colours looks probably out of place.

But if you have a problem with me abandoning brights, you can kiss a*s. (Mic drop)

So those were my excuses for never wearing bright clothes and if you just scrolled, not bothering to read, to sum it all up I just dont like bright colours.

Tell me in the comments what you think about the neon trend!

(If you find the trend fetch but do not want to look like a highlighter, this is how you style neon as told by Teen Vogue)


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