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Best of fall fashion trends for 2019

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Last Updated on 22/06/2021 by Rashi

A few days ago, me and my friend (let’s call her Cher in remembrance of the iconic movie, Clueless) were sitting at the back of our class and talking about winter clothes and fall trends, when, Cher confessed, now that fall has officially arrived, summer dresses are catching her interest.

Now, of course, she can buy summer dresses and transition them into fall. But she sure cannot revive the summer charm of bare legs, unsleeved arms and summer glow.

Summer’s gone.

But have you noticed this?

Similar to Cher’s situation, many of us crush on a trend from afar only to approach after the trend’s gone.

So let’s save all the energy and move on from Summer. The must-have checklist of fall trends is here!

1. Croc Embossed

Chocolate brown Croc embossed leather bag

2. Leather on leather

Black patent leather pants and ankle boots

3. Dark florals

Dark floral trend among the fall trends to catch.

Dark florals for fall? Groundbreaking. This year this gothic romance can be found in modern and feminine pieces.

4. Stylish blazer

Structured blazer layered over tulle blouse making up two dominant trends of fall 2019

Structured shoulder, sharp lapels and a right fit make up the perfect blazer for looking put together this fall.

5. Pistachio

Pistachio green cut out jumpsuit

6. Cardigans

Cardigans are the new fall outerwear trend for 2019.

Cardigans are the new statement outerwear fall this year. So, sincerely, make it your bitch.

7. Houndstooth

Oversized houndstooth jacket paired for fall outfit

8. Embellished Tulle

Blush pink embellished tulle blouse

9. Sequins and metallics

The sequinned black dress is the new lbd

Sequins and metallics are the trends to have your back for night outs and special events.

10. Statement sleeves

Pink floral turtle neck blouse with statement sleeves

11. Cape

A navy blue cape blazer symbolising one of the biggest fall 2019 trends.

The powerful version of statement outerwear for fall 2019? Capes!

12. the 80s inspired

80s inspired black mesh dress with dynasty soap effect

13. Feathers

Black faux feather ankle leather boots

14. Neon

A bright yellow neon sweater to pair this season's trend.

If you have a faint heart, pair one neon piece with basic pieces -like a neon sweater with your favourite jeans and pointed heels.

15. Micro bags

Micro pale pink bag trend

16. Wide-legged pants

Light pink open back top paired with wide legged pants

17. Tie-dye

Burnt orange and pink tie dye slip dress

18. Corduroy

Corduroy millennium pink pant suit.

19. Chunky chains

A dainty and chunky chains as necklace and belts.

20. Square toed shoes

Two tone maroon and white fall square toed boots

Sincerely, avoid the frantic search for a cute sweater and stylish jacket all of sudden when your summer bubble bursts. This checklist can keep you way ahead of the game!

Ps: which is your favourite trend? Mine would be statement sleeves and 80s inspired.


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