It’s my birthday -cue the confetti!

Pastel blouse for workwear outfit

Pink confetti and rose gold balloons! Oh, and I need 1000 spotlights on me! (all virtual, of course)

That looks good, now how about a chocolate fountain, a 10 tier cake and Arabian dancers! Ah! Now it looks like it’s my birthday.

I should probably express some thoughts shoved in the farthest corner of my head that occupies a large space in other birthday blog posts. The thoughts being, how grateful I should be to be able to celebrate my 16th birthday.

But then, I have just turned 16 not 60. Besides, I would be covering this post in filters of sugar and icing, which I have sworn not to -in my head while reading some of my old blog posts that seemed like they have been written by a bot. Compare this old one from this recent one for instance.

Besides, it’s my birthday, I’ll write whatever I want to and exclude whatever I do not want to!

Now, you are probably thinking that I am one of those ‘today is all about me, because it’s my birthday’ individuals, but I can assure you that this assumption about me is not true. As a matter of fact, if you ask my younger sister, she will explain to you how I am like this each and every day (and that I am self-obsessed but you can ignore that).

Talking about not knowing me AND your assumptions, ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

What? What came into your mind when you read the title? I would just let you know that it’s my birthday, exaggerate the fact and maybe gush about how Madelaine Petsch and I share the same birthday and that’s it? In the wise words of Cheryl Blossom (aka Madelaine Petsch) The answer is a double-cheery-on-top no.

Corporate chic outfit combination consisting of a millennial pink blouse and straight-leg pants with fur embellished heels.

• First thing first- I love Dynasty. And that’s an understatement.

I think I have mentioned it before on one of my Instagram stories as well. But if you haven’t seen it, now you know. I live for the scandalous drama that dynasty provides!

Check out my dynasty post in which i dressed like Fallon for a day!

• I am all about ‘everything has a place and hell will break loose if they are not kept where they are supposed to be’.

• I love dogs, especially Golden retrievers but I am more of a cat person.

My favourite bloggers at the time are Jessica Wang and Annabelle Fleur.

• I am an overdramatic shopaholic, completely obsessed with clothes and details.

• It took me 6 years to realise the reason why people rarely ever approach me first. The reason being, I have a resting beach face.

• In 2nd grade, I wanted to be an architect but then I was told that they just follow orders and bosses so I disregarded the thought.

• I do not like to watch horror movies.

• I once sneezed 75 times at once. (Yes, I counted because I had nothing else to do).

• As The Bed Head Society have said without coffee I am basically a 2-year old whose blankie is in the dryer.

• I don’t believe in luck. Like at all. But I’ll wish you luck if you ever want me to!

• My favourite season is fall/Autumn and I am so excited for it to arrive with its fashionable glory.

• No matter the room temperature and weather, I prefer to sleep with the company five stuffy pillows and a blanket.

• Without my glasses, I cannot read anything after that big E on the vision chart.

I do not wear bright colours, like never.

• Honestly speaking, I started this blog because I had nothing to do in the summer holidays.

Chic business outfit consisting of millennial pink blouse paired with black pants and black kitten heels.

Now, I have absolutely no clue who started the trend of “16 things to do before turning 16” and “22 things I learned in 22 years” and “75 things about me now that I am 75” but hey, thank you so much to whoever did it, I now have new content!

Tell me what’s your age! And if you don’t want to, just tell the count in Jupiter years. I am so lazy that I wouldn’t bother to check google.


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