14 Trendy wardrobe basics you need right now

Last Updated on 25/05/2022 by Rashi

While basics like a white tee, a tailored blazer, and button-up shirts have been single-handedly supporting all our outfits, I think it’s time to upgrade them. Don’t chuck them out yet. These wardrobe basics are essential staples for any style even if they aren’t trendy at the moment.

1. leather blazers

A great transitional topper and a great alternative to a denim jacket or a classic blazer. Leather blazers are also great for layering -especially for those who can’t get enough of casual-chic street style.

2. Ribbed Tops

These lightweight wardrobe basics are the perfect transitional pieces for when you want to wear something less casual than a turtleneck and maybe more trendy. They are also super cozy and comfortable, and really good layering pieces.

A style influencer wearing a beige coloured ribbed crop top i.e, one of the top trendy wardrobe basics for spring 2021

If you ask me, this is a dream basic for minimalism lovers like me who like to stay trendy.

An Indian influencer wearing a ribbed or jersey top,a trendy wardrobe basics

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2. Tailored loose bottoms

The styling emphasis is shifting from cropped and slim, skinny fit, cigarette cut to wide leg, flare, boot cut, and straight leg styles. Whether you prefer denim, linen, or knit, make sure you add this new and trendy basic to beside wardrobe essentials.

4. Leather Pants

Here’s another win for street-style lovers. The label on leather pants has changed from experimental pieces to trendy versatile basics. Instead of skinny, leggings-style leather pants opt for tailored trousers that have wider-leg fits.

6. Slip dresses

I am making it official now. Slip dresses are the new LBDs. Or they can be both at the same time.

It’s quite unlikely that you don’t already own one, but if you don’t, you’re missing out on one of the most versatile basics.

From casual brunch when styled with a cardigan to date night outfits when a blazer is layered over it, a slip dress is a NEED.

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5. Knit Polo tops

Personally, I’ve never been more interested in polos till now. These new polo shirts are usually skin fit, made of knitwear fabric, and often cropped. Replacing tacky logos and flashy prints, these trendy wardrobe basics are usually in muted or pastel tones and have modern tailoring.

7. Chunky chains

A ‘dramatic’ accessory that can not only spice up a simple look but also make the outfit look five times more expensive. In short, bold chains belong in your wardrobe!

9. Blazer with shoulder pads

Sharp shoulders are how you’re going to upgrade the outerwear section of your wardrobe. They are quite versatile despite the statement detail and can be dressed down or up depending on you.

A style blogger showcasing the best of kfashion in a white dress layered under a beige blazer with shoulder pads, a trendy wardrobe basics.

8. Baguette shoulder bag

These small and stylish IT girl bags may look like a short-term trend but they are here to stay. They are the perfect accessory for any outfit. Wear anything from a pastel-perfect knit suit to a patterned dress, this bag is the perfect accessories to make any outfit look stylish.

14. Ribbed dresses

Knit dresses are comfortable, chic, effortless and one of the most versatile pieces ever. Moreover, Knits, in general, make an outfit look so much more put together. The best basic to have in your wardrobe if you struggle with looking polished.

11. Cardigans

You’ve definitely seen a lot of this popular outerwear on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, and let me tell you, it’s not going anywhere. Cardigans are no longer boring granny pieces -in fact, it’s a must-have if you’re into the softcore/soft girl aesthetic. If you prefer timeless pieces, I’d suggest you opt for minimalist V-neck ones.

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12. Chunky boots

Chunky boots are the new footwear basics, probably because it fits well with most styles and aesthetics. Though these trendy shoes are not chic™, they can be styled with other chic pieces very well.

13. Mules

No surprise here. Mules are practical, way more comfortable than heels, and super chic. If you’re someone who loves tapping on long-term trends, go for square-toed ones. However, if you prefer timeless pieces, go for pointed ones.

14. Neutral turtleneck

Neutral colors and cool tones of khaki, beige, grey, brown monochrome look in different hues is the most stylish look to try this year. And turtlenecks can never go off-trend -at least not for the next 5 years or so. Hence, comes one of the most trendy wardrobe basics of all time!

Black skirt and blazer paired with a neutral turtleneck in grey colour, one of the most trendy wardrobe basics.