12 Easy Ways To Style cool-girl athleisure summer outfit

Last Updated on 06/07/2022 by Rashi

As you may have already noticed, athletic shorts are no longer gym-only. Sweat pants are a street-style necessity. So are logo waistbands. And stirrup leggings are …back from the 80s? And of course, all the cool girls of IG are being seen in some cute athleisure outfit. Whether they are coming out of a gym or not.

1. Button-ups as layers

Another perfect layer for warm weather. Plus. you most likely already have two-three in your closet (or someone else’s closet in your house).

This one can single-handedly save you from the “I have nothing to wear” situation with ease too! All you need is something cropped to wear underneath for trendy silhouette.

a button up shirt style over white sports bra and marble print ribbed skirt for an atleisure outfit for summer 2022

2. Jacket over sports bra

Whether you prefer lightweight oversized varsity jackets or cropped y2k zip-up ones, this comfy outerwear is a must-have layering piece for summer/spring. Style cycling shorts with sneakers to maintain the athleisure charm in your outfit. You can also try styling socks or wear flare leggings if you want.

3. Tennis girl aesthetic

Okay, but what sports-inspired outfit is cuter than tennis girl aesthetic outfits? It’s perfect if you like sporty and athleisure vibes but prefer more feminine and cute outfits than everyday street style. From pleated skirts to collared dresses, it got the cutest pieces to style!

4. Color Blocking with contrast colors

For color-blocking athleisure outfits, you can style two or more contrasting colored clothing in one look -for example, yellow with emerald or olive green is perfect for a spring-summer outfit. If the combination is too bold for you, you can switch up one of the pieces with a contrasting neutral piece. Or you can pair contrasting pastel pieces.

If you’re still not confident about color-blocking, you can go subtle by adding a bright accessory to add contrast to a single-colored outfit.

5. Outfit with 80s athleisure style

yes, the 80s vibe is in for 2022. Think of sculptural tracksuits, collared dresses, polos, track pants, joggers, sweatshirts, varsity jackets, ballooning strapless tops, tennis whites, logo waistbands, leg warmers, and stirrup-inspired pants.

Aren’t they all in your IG feed?

6. Style Athleisure Monochrome Outfit

  1. Pick a main piece. Single-colored athleisure clothing like flared leggings.
  2. Now pick out different clothes and accessories of the same color family to go with the main piece.
  3. You can either choose to style in the very same color or different shades and tints or even prints.
  4. You can include a neon piece (like neon pink with pastel pink main piece) too if you’re feeling creative.

7. Cut-Outs

Cut-outs are a major trend this season as seen on the runway, award shows, and 15-sec edits. This summer, it’s obvious that they’ll mark their claim over cute athleisure outfits too. It’s the perfect trend to join in the retro era going on and an effortless one for your hot girl summer outfit.

You can count on asymmetrical necklines on tank tops/sports bra, unitards, skin-fit, yoga tops leggings with pelvic cut-outs.

athleisure inspired Street Style outfit

8. Denim

The easiest way to style a street-style outfit is to pair trendy sporty or gym-wear pieces with your favorite denim. You can also style a denim-on-denim outfit! Pair a denim skirt with a denim corset or top and throw in leg warmers. Or pair jeans with a denim bucket hat and style a trendy top.

a denim crop bra top styled with denim oversized style jeans and white shoes for a cute athleisure outfit idea

9. Subversive energy

Or the new edgy streetstyle vibe.

Think of bucket hats, logo nylon jackets, face jewelry, graphic mesh, bomber jackets, sequins, bold prints, cut-outs, and wide legs.

10. A matching short set

Now this one has to be the most-worn combos of the TikTok girls and cool girls on IG feeds. Summer outfits with a cute set of linen long-sleeve button-ups & matching shorts or lightweight sweatshirts & gym shorts are athleisure dreams. You can just style it with the accessories mentioned (scroll down) and you’re good!

summer set in blue for athleisure style, outfit with zip up jacket and cycling shorts
athleisure summer set with crop bra top and gym shorts outfit for sporty chic style

11. Halter neck

The most iconic trend of summer and my personal favorite.

Considering the halter neck tank or sports bra will be the focus of the outfit, you can just pair a top with wide-leg jeans or pants, then add an oversized button-up for an effortlessly trendy outfit. You can also pair one with a cute tennis skirt for a preppy look.

a halter neck lilac top styled with lilac oversized style shirt and white loose denim jeans for a cute athleisure outfit idea

12. Athleisure Accessories, Basic Outfit

Instead of the limited options that come with everyday athleisure clothing, go creative with accessories to style cute outfits instead.

Style matching sneakers or baseball caps with your basic outfits. Some easy and aesthetic accessories for 2022 streetstyle are -bucket hats, claw clips, big and bold hoop earrings, chunky rings, shoulder or quilted bags, and cute socks.