10 fashion rules you need to break!

Last Updated on 03/07/2022 by Rashi

whether on the internet or in magazines, you must have read some ‘fashion rules’ that everyone is supposed to follow. Whoever came up with these unofficial rules could have done it with good intentions but they are not helpful. Moreover, many of these rules have problematic undertones like fatphobia and hyper-sexualization. While some of these rules just don’t make sense? Before we break the wall between 2021 and 2022 let’s break these fashion rules.

10 fashion rules to break because they did not pass the vibe check

1. Wear clothes that suit your body shape

You are shaped like a human being, not a fruit. You are no pear or apple. Wear clothes that fit your body and reflect your personality instead of clothes prescribed by food bowl rules. Feel free to take help from fashion guides as per body shapes if you want to, but allow these to limit your clothing choices. You decide what looks flattering on you.

2. Certain color combinations don’t go together

I have no idea why some say blue-black or brown-black or pink-orange combinations are tacky. Considering black is said to go with every color, the first two are quite obviously big fat lies. And the third, pink and orange is undoubtedly a perfect fun and festive color combination, whether you style pastel pieces or prefer bright pops of color.

Break these color combo fashion rules by pairing brown with black to style a dark academia-inspired outfit, and black with blue for a cool-toned edgy outfit. The holiday season and spring are the best excuses to wear orange and pink together!

3. Over-Accessorizing looks messy

I swear to you more accessories are always better than no accessories. Layer up all your dainty necklaces and wear those chunky chains. Add as many hair accessories as you can and throw in sunglasses even in shade.

4. Gender assigned clothes

How is fashion an open means of self-expression if people are tied up by the ropes of gender stereotypes? From Montreal boys wearing skirts to protest about the hyper-sexualisation of girls and gender assigning of clothes, we know for sure that ‘male’ & ‘female’ tags are there just for us to ignore.

5. Crop tops are for skinny girls

Okay so created this dumb myth that belly rolls are ugly? I don’t understand why this belly-baring clothing is only controversial when plus-size or curvy women or men wear it. Your style doesn’t have to suffer just because some people are insecure. Many bloggers and content creators are rocking this trend and you can do it too! It also doesn’t look like they going away anytime soon.

If you’re on the fence about crop tops, consider this your sign ; )

Ps: Crop tops help you elongate your upper body making you look taller than you are!

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6. No sequin in daylight

Glitzy clothes are not reserved for special night events anymore, considering night events are not being held… because of a certain virus. With neon becoming statement streetwear essential, I see no reason why no sequin in daylight rule should even exist.

7. Trends are tacky

I recently asked 9 bloggers questions regarding chic styling. One of the questions was an opinion on seasonal trends as a chic influencer, to which Shivani replied-

I think trends are a super fun way to try styles that you normally wouldn’t wear. For example, some of my favourite fall trends are leather trousers and sweater vests. Had sweater vests not become the “hot new thing”, I would never have brought these versatile layering pieces into my closet. I think that trends allow people to try unique pieces of clothing while still finding ways to put personal twists onto them.”

8. Sweats are strictly loungewear

A gen z fashion blogger styling loungewear as chic street style fashion: the fashion rule to break that sweats are only for lounging purpose.

This rule is merely an excuse for not being able to style loungewear in a way it looks put together. That’s the only meaning I can think of behind this rule. Considering sweats have been wardrobe hits of 2021-22 streetstyle and comfy pieces like loungewear are now new trendy wardrobe basics. this one’s no doubt going to the trash bin.

fashion rule to break that sweats are only for lounging purpose as per shown by a young fashion blogger.

9. Showing right amount of skin

I’ve heard plenty of “don’t show more than one part body at a time” and “show a bit of skin to look attractive” and I call it BS.

People in the fashion industry from older generations love putting this up –but let me tell you, in reality, looking good is not at all related to how much of your skin is visible. The fact that IG cool girls with their hot girl summer outfits and chic & modest fashion bloggers, both are unquestionably killing their #ootd game, is enough to prove that this skin-showing rule belongs on the list of fashion rules to break.

10. fake branded stuff look cheap

Unless you’re quoting some old film’s iconic line or having your “old money aesthetic” moment for fun, you don’t get to drag someone over fake branded stuff or dupes. Say it again.

As long as the styling and outfit are giving and you feel comfortable, who cares what you are wearing. An outfit styled properly can never look cheap.